Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V4

Hello Everyone!

So on my last post I said I was reading Devil is a Part-Timer and I guess you could say I still am? I’m not sure which volume exactly I was reading when I last said that and I have gone through quite a few light novels over the last couple of months since my last post.

While I figure out where I am on that I decided since I just recently was reading through Danmachi that I would go ahead and tackle it off.


Volume 4 for Danmachi starts immediately after the fight Bell had with the Minotaur in the previous volume and primarily goes through the process of Bell officially making level two.

It starts out with a check up with Eina making her aware of his progress of making level two in just six weeks, a new record that beats even Aiz’s previous record, of which is followed up by a meeting of the Gods. Primarily used to give slightly awkward and hilarious nicknames to the adventurers.

After Bell receives his nickname of ‘Little Rookie’ we start down the path that is more or less the rest of the volumes purpose. At a party celebrating his victory Bell receives some wise advice from Lilly and Lyu in that for Bell to properly survive the middle levels he so badly wants to go to he must first increase his battle parties size to have any hope of surviving.

While he debates over how he can even find someone to work with he realizes his need for new equipment given his fight with the Minotaur destroyed his old set. While looking for a specific set of armor from a specific smith he finds the very smith he is looking for who requests that he join Bell’s party.

This all leads to Bell, Welf, and Lilly going down into the dungeon working together, Bell using his new skill to demolish through an infant dragon, and them make their way down into the middle levels of the dungeon which they have never been to before.

The last quarter of the book goes over some various short stories surrounding Bell, such as the first time he received a quest, the first time Hestia and Bell met, and the like.

Compared to the anime we are about 3/4 of the way caught up now with the last quarter catching up in the next volume. Following that we have two more volumes of Danmachi and a volume of Sword Oratoria.

I am almost finished with Overlord V2 and I think I am on my last volume of Devil is a Part Timer (given that is a volume or two behind now) after which I have ReZero V2 to read and then either Log Horizon or Spice and Wolf.

I plan to have up to the point where I choose Log Horizon or Spice and Wolf done and caught up before the end of the month since I have a bit more free time to spare.


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