Full Throttle in Winter 2017, First Episode Impressions: Part Two

You thought we were finished today?

Well, you thought wrong!


Ajin-chan wa Kataritai

So this particular one is running around with three titles. First is the one I just put, the second switched Ajin for Demi, then there is the English name being used by Crunchyroll – Interview with Monster Girls.

I will be calling it Ajin-chan or Demi-chan because that is how I know it from the manga. Anyway compared to the first posts shows this one almost immediately stole the season in how good it was for me. I was really looking forward to seeing it adapted and they knocked it out of the park.


Gabriel Dropout

Ajin-chan was hardly alone either. Gabriel Dropout also did spectacular work in its first episode. If there was any issue it would have been that there wasn’t much transition from one scene/day to another but it was easily overwritten by the comedy it delivered.

I am not sure if I could choose between the two right now though as my favorite but they are currently my favorites. I am expecting both of them to carry most of this season.


Urara Meirochou

On the other end we get Urara. While it wasn’t nearly as bad as I am probably playing it off to be it also wasn’t exactly amazing either.

It seems like it can be a fun CGDCT series though and it was cute in its own way so I will be keeping it around.


Little Witch Academia

Closing the post out and the last anime of the day is what many people were looking forward to seeing.

LWA is not new by any means as we were given two film length entries to the series previously. Now that might be something that pulls people away from starting the TV series but I will say here that the TV series is starting from the beginning it looks like and it did a spectacular job.

What I am curious about from here is will it be going the route of what has already previously been shown, with minor adjustments, or are we going to be getting a new story to follow.

I am eager to find out to say the least.

And that concludes this post!

Now we are four? five? days into the season so a good chunk of what is to air has aired but we still have some heavy hitters on the way. One Room, Kobayashi, and Konosuba come out in two more days.


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