Full Throttle in Winter 2017, First Episode Impressions

Hello Everyone!

So the new anime season is kicking off now and so far it is doing fairly well.

Without too much talking here in the first bit let’s get straight into the shows.


Akiba’s Trip

Also commonly called Akiba Strip due to the nature of what is going on, and the placement of the title itself, Akiba’s Trip is based off various PSP/PSVita/PS3 (and maybe even PS4 by now) games of the same name.

This particular anime I am not sure if it is based off a specific one of the games or is just using the premise itself to make an anime with the same concept/name/etc.

Either way it stays fairly true to the concept of the games where there is a dark paranormal presence in Akihabara and specially gifted individuals are protecting it… by stripping possessed citizens down to their underwear.

It is ecchi and full of slapstick comedy which is more or less right down my alley of enjoyment. So unless it gets oddly serious or goes in some odd/weird direction I will probably keep up with it.


Masamune-kun no Revenge

Well this went just about as expected and stayed pretty much consistent to what I recall of the first chapter of the manga.

That said the OP shows they plan to get fairly deep into the series with no confirmation of how long the series will be (though they rarely go past 12 or 13 episodes). This means to me they either are going to condense A LOT of content into some episodes OR they are planning on a two cour season to fit it all in, though the problem with that comes to I feel like they don’t have enough content for two cours either.

I’m honestly lukewarm on Masamune. On one hand I liked the beginning of the series for the manga and the first episode was alright. But I know where it ends up and I grew bored of it immensely so I am cautious with watching it for that reason.



Seiren may look familiar to watchers of Amagami due to the fact it is apparently in the same timeline/series/whatever you want to call it and of course has the same character designs as it as well.

We are introduced, sort of, to around half a dozen girls. Though only three of them even register the MC as being there right now. What this makes me hope is another Amagami with eventually some 24+ episodes but at the moment we are only guaranteed I think it was a 12 episode season.

For Seiren I am currently on the fence. While I loved Amagami and the designs of course I felt like not a lot went on in this episode nor did it set anything up. So i’m hoping something works its way out here as to what is going on. Though I also can’t wait to see how it works out the other girls. Will it go Amagami route and reset after ever 3 or 4 episodes or will it just kick one girl to the side in favor of the next?

Screenshot (213).png

Minami Kamakura

Holy hell I don’t think I have had so many WTF moments in a first episode of a show since Gunslinger Stratos…

Needless to say really but this was… bad. Really bad.

Odd CGI while riding the bike, though it was probably less than 30 seconds worth. Awful stills that had that oddity I see a lot from like DBZ where whatever IS moving looks completely different and out of place from the rest of the scene. A cringeworthy ending with the VA’s teaching the watchers how to buy a bike.

Yeah definitely my first drop of the season.



Fuuka really started off rough for me. Girl runs into guy and then she breaks his phone right before she slaps him. Yeah not a good way to start for me.

It got a bit better after that though, especially since we started with two episodes for whatever reason, but I know Fuuka has drama/tragedy in it and is similar to its predecessor story Suzuka which I was only… meh with anyway.

I might keep up with it for the hell of it but at the same time I might not really care to keep up with it either.

I did also watch Schoolgirl Strikers but it was average as hell and I couldn’t find any pictures of it (also was to lazy to take my own screenshot). May see if I keep that or not down the road.


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