Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V5

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another novel post.

I’ll admit I am surprised I got myself to do this. If you follow me over on Twitter you might have noticed last couple of days I was fairly apathetic towards the blog for whatever reason which of course caused the blog to go silent for a couple days longer than I originally intended trying to come back into the new year.

So while I work through what else I want to post I thought I would go ahead and tackle down another book from my metaphorical tower of books. I decided to go with Danmachi again as I may need to reread Devil is a Part-Timer to learn where I was, I still need to finish reading Overlord 2 (though I could do V1 as I haven’t done that post yet), and ReZero v2, ShieldBro v3-5, as well as Log Horizon v3+, Spice and Wolf v2+, and god knows how much of SAO all remain untouched as far as I can remember.


Many of the anime watchers are probably interested in this volume for on simple reason. That reason being if you are one of those ‘Where does such and such anime series adapt to so I can start reading after that?’ well this volume is your answer. While I am not sure if the very recently released OVA is from the next volume or not (it seems more like the general slapstick OVA special more than an actual adaptation of something) I can assure that this volume essentially covers the last four episodes of the anime.

The volume begins where the last ended with our trio heading down into the middle levels of the dungeon slowly inching their way down into the more difficult areas as they learn more about each other and how to work with one another. This is disrupted immensely when another familia runs past them doing a maneuver called the ‘Pass Parade’ which essentially dumps any and all monster that were chasing them onto others.

This causes Bell, Lilli, and Welf to run away but the only way they can successfully escape is to go further down into the Dungeon. This is where the story starts splitting apart into two separate stories. First there is Bell and the others slowly inching their way down into the Dungeon after losing most of their gear trying to make it to the ‘safe’ haven of level eighteen. The other story is of Hestia, who has gathered a group of adventurers (and Gods), to go after Bell when he had not returned after a full day in the Dungeon and their descent down.

Hestia’s party is pretty much insanely overpowered and just waltzes their way down the levels in pursuit of Bell. Meanwhile for Bell he is the last one standing by the time they reach level seventeen and is carrying Welf and Lilli by himself as he rushes past the floor boss that is waking up just as he is passing by on his way to the safety of eighteen. Barely making it where he passes out just as he asks a “stranger” for help.

The stranger of course is Aiz, and by extension the Loki Familia, as they are on their return trip from their expedition and they offer a hand to Bell, Lilli, and Welf as they recuperate. It is not long after that Hestia and her party arrive and we have a little bit of shenanigans between Bell and every single girl in this series practically. The shenanigans don’t last long though as Bell, while exploring the town with Aiz and some others, runs into Mord who tried fighting him back on the surface.

Mord, with the uncanny assistance of Hermes and his follower, gives Bell a beating before being stopped by Hestia using her divine power. This though is quickly followed up by what the book calls ‘An Irregular’ essentially something that is massively destructive and it is pissed due to the presence of the Gods whom are not meant to be in the Dungeon. Through the combined effort of all the adventurers on the floor, minus the Loki Familia who inconveniently left before all this happened, and Bell’s Argonaut skill they do eventually bring down the monster that was born and nearly tore apart everyone and everything on the floor.

So there we are.

We are now caught up through the anime and the next volume is all new territory for readers and anime viewers alike.

I still need to kick myself off and catch up those volumes I meant to catch up from the last post and I am going to try to do as much of that as I can in the next day or two before my classes for the new semester start since I am expecting my blog time to be cut down tremendously after that starts due to work and school being together again.


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