Full Throttle in Winter 2017, Second Week Shenanigans

Hello everyone and welcome to week two of our seasonal anime.

Not too much to talk about here though I will mention I start school again here soon so I will have to see how the blog survives me working and being in school again. I say this because the blog slowed down significantly it seemed to me at the end of the last year with me doing that.


Gabriel Dropout

Still holding strong this week is Gabriel which really I probably don’t even need to bring up weekly/semi-weekly/whatever since this is the type of show that won’t change much as it goes along. In fact I don’t plan to be as active as I currently am starting soon so I will move back to the every other week or every like three weeks posts for seasonal anime. That will help tremendously with shows like Gabriel as I can just fangirl over it every few weeks rather than try to be needlessly wordy like I currently am to just talk.


Masamune-kun no Revenge

As I was expecting my distaste for how the manga has progressed over time is spilling over into watching the anime and I am not enjoying it as much as if I had no prior knowledge of the series. I mean it still isn’t good by a large margin but it would have helped some I think had I not fallen out with the series already.

I’ll give it another week or two but I am expecting by the next post that I will not be watching it anymore.



Now Seiren is an interesting one because I was praising it, if only somewhat, in the first week. But I went and rewatched the first episode along with the second and… it is just bad. Maybe not as bad as Masamune is for me but the Amagami designs that was saving this series for me originally is doing nothing to hold back just how much I am disliking the characters.

As with Masamune though I will be giving it a chance to make up for its failings but I am seriously doubting it will survive much further.


Ajin-chan wa Kataritai

Back to talking about good shows though we have Ajin-chan, Demi-chan or even Interviews with Monster Girls, mattering how you want to read it. Ajin-chan though is very similar in vein to Gabriel where not much is changing through each episode and really does not require me talking about it weekly.

An interesting tidbit to Ajin-chan though… it does not seem to be well liked over on Twitter and this really surprises me honestly. I could get into a few conversations I have had over it about why some are not watching it but I could be hear all day refuting those individuals reasoning for it and I do not want to bother with it. They are not watching or liking it and I am and in the end that is all that matters.


Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Yet another being added to the list though this week is Kobayashi and it was another stellar first episode to add onto the season. If you have not read Kobayashi or did not watch the premiere I would of course recommend it. It is somewhat difficult to describe I suppose if I were to try to compare it to another series… it is at its simplest of cores a sort of CGDCT series. The main difference to the formula being the main characters are office workers or dragons so it gets out of that 4th grade through high school aged kids area that many viewers dislike. It also has a slightly more mature vibe to it outside of them just being adults with the various tones the manga has at least gone through.


Urara Meirochou

Yet another that is one the same scale of Gabriel and Ajin-chan is Urara. I don’t see much happening per week to worry about needing to excessively talk about it though there was at least one hint perhaps of something that could be potentially slightly darker in tone for a show like this but at least with what we were teased with I doubt it will be that serious of an issue or only just be grazed upon rather than it changing the entire tone of the show.


Akiba’s Trip

I am not sure what to say about AkibaSTrip really.

On one hand it is exactly what I expected because of the games and everything from them and on the other it is surprisingly worse than I expected.

I’m currently thinking it might just be because of everything else I am watching that I am enjoying that it is just ending up below my radar and not being all that great but it could also just be it is genuinely not good.

So this is currently at the point of also being another that may not make it but we will have to see.


Little Witch Academia

Now as for a series I probably could fangirl about each and every week LWA again did an amazing episode this week. I am loving we are seeing a more fleshed out version of this series and unlike the OVA/Movies we are not jampacked full of just constant fighting, or whatever, and actually get to see more of the fun things that happen in the day to day functions of the witches lives.

Gotta say I am excited to see more of the show from here on out.


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