Divinity Original Sin 2, An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I got way too distracted with my Mass Effect replay and Tales of Berseria being released that I forgot about the blog for a bit.

Anyway today I will… attempt to do another game review. I will forewarn I will be doing this one on the assumption one has played the first game primarily cause I am tired and want to be lazy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Talking about Divinity Original Sin II is… an interesting one really. No one can really deny the success of D:OS it is one of those success stories you tell yourself to believe in what Kickstarter or Early Access can deliver. I never played it during it’s beta phase but what I received on Steam was a very well polished game with interesting game mechanics that rammed its way through the filth of Kickstarter.

D:OSII seems to be on the fast track to be doing the same honestly but it is much different looking at a game I only played once it was fully released to a game that is in its alpha. A sort of odd thing, for me, to look at with it though is in that the developer chose to only give us a literal taste of the game rather than having a fully implemented game and just use Early Access as a sort of trial or bug cleanser like most are.

In D:OSII we as the player are only able to currently complete the first chapter. I have been told that this is about one-third to one-quarter of the final game which either means there are three or four more chapters or this game is dangerously smaller than I expected it to be. I say that because chapter 1 really in the end did not take long to accomplish maybe three or four hours at most. Sure three or four hours isn’t anything to scoff at for just the first chapter but if that is one-third of the game and we go by hours rather than chapters that would mean only nine to twelve hours total which is pitifully small for an RPG by today’s standards.


D:OSII plays very similarly to its predecessor D:OS. A dungeon crawler-esque game that takes some of its pages from such classics like Baldur’s Gate. A big part of its strategic thinking comes in with its combat where you can do such things as covering an area with oil, via a spell or environmental doodad (like barrels), and then being able to light said oil on fire, again with a spell or even just dropping a torch, and suddenly you have a raging inferno to deal with or use against your enemies. With a dozen classes to choose from you even get to work with height as well with certain classes, like the Ranger, getting additional perks if they are above their enemies.

The story for D:OSII seems to be getting a good focus on compared to D:OS which, while not awful, focused more on a sort of slapstick comedy more than any sort of serious story. But while I say that this is where the restriction of being able to currently only play one chapter comes to bite the player. Restricting us to only one-third or one-quarter of a total game means less story to look at and not being sure how it all connects together later. Sure while having dedicated stories connected to pre-generated characters to play as is great when some of that is missing, such as not having party dialog, it makes someone like me just scratch the back of my neck.

Really… that more or less covers anything I can think of talking about for D:OSII which at this point makes me wonder if this post is even worth putting up (but obviously it still going up) but I will finish with a couple things. It is hard to recommend the game right now. On one hand the developer has delivered before and seems to be doing a damn good job with this entry. On the other I understand not wanting to invest in a currently unfinished game without all of its content being playable. So while I would say that it is already a great game to try I would honestly wait for it to be fully released, no confirmed date yet, and just get it then.



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