Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V6

Hello Everyone and welcome to another Danmachi Light Novel post!

I’m slacking off on my other series or maybe I just want to catch up with Danmachi, I am not sure. So now I am working on Volume 7 which is, as of right now to my knowledge) the last volume out currently.

Anyway this is it! We are finally out of what knowledge the anime provides and anything after this volume is what one could say is a spoiler if your knowledge relies on the anime. I’m honestly tired already of having to slap warnings of spoilers on my manga posts so I am not doing them here. Besides anyone who has read any of these posts before know I essentially spoil the entire book!

Which… is probably bad… anyway! On with the post which I apologize may feel rushed due to some things currently going on around me.


So the volume starts fairly typically going over what happened in the previous volume and the consequences of it. Essentially all news of what happened has been kept as quiet as possible due to the Guild and there were some fines issued to Hermes and Hestia’s familia due to them being there in the first place. During the time that Bell and the rest are recuperating they are also celebrating at one of the local bars where due to some clearly baited name calling a fight incurs against another familia.

This event propels the events of the rest of the book where almost immediately after there is another gathering of the Gods held by none other than the God who’s familia was involved in the fight. This event is special in that Apollo, the God involved here, has allowed each God to bring one member of their familia to this ball of sorts. So of course we have to get some cute moments of Mikoto being bashful right before Bell becomes a walking mess asking Aiz for a dance.

The good times though do not last long as Apollo declares, with some incredible acting, that he must be reimbursed due to the fight by Hestia with nothing less than the rights to owning Bell as payment. Of course Hestia refuses and storms out of the ball and at that point it all seems fine. When Hestia and Bell wake in the morning though they are ambushed, their home destroyed in the process, by members of both the Apollo familia and Soma familia.

Bell and Hestia are consequently chased all around town as they are attacked by well over a hundred adventurers before Hestia gets Bell to finally run over Apollo’s mansion requesting the cease of attacks on them which is agreed upon by starting a War Game. Of course news of this is quickly spread through town having everyone abuzz because who doesn’t like good ol’ familia against familia combat.

As preparations begin for the War Game Bell is sent off to train with Aiz once again, this time with Tiona tagging along, on the walls. While Bell trained Hestia went about bolstering the familia with allies going on a mission to save Lilli from the Soma familia, which I think may have been the most powerful… message I guess is the way to say it… from this entire novel, as well as having Mikoto and Welf leave their familia to join Hestia’s in order to save Bell.

The last part of the book of course is the War Game with the biggest distractions being led by Ryu, recruited by Hermes as the ‘Outsider’ allowed by Bell’s team, armed with magical swords and Mikoto using her gravity magic. Between the two of them they had taken care of over 70% of the total force Apollo had allowing Bell and Welf to get into the castle being used for the War Game with the help of a disguised Lilli.

Of course it wouldn’t really be a Danmachi volume if there wasn’t some sort of extreme strenuous fight with Bell going against something and hanging onto the edge of his life. This is done when Bell goes against the Apollo commander Hyacinthus winning literally by the skin of his teeth. After all is said and done Hestia uses her reward of ‘the loser listens to anything the winner wants’ or however they actually said it to take all of Apollo’s assets, disband his familia, and kick at least the God himself out of the city.

Well I gotta say the pure adrenaline from this volume with essentially the last 2/3 of the book just being one giant fight followed by another giant fight.

I started reading the next volume and it… well it is a little more… frustrating… I suppose but that is to be revealed later. Hopefully I won’t be off the blog for another five days but I am fairly busy this coming week…


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