Full Throttle in Winter 2017, Mid Season Madness

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for the quietness I fell behind on some things and sort of ignored some others… one of them being the blog.

The last time I talked anime I said I was going to catch up… or rather start… some other shows to cover in holes left by ones I dropped but I only got to one of the three I believe I wanted to start… yeah not a major post really today.


BanG Dream!

So I did start BanG Dream which is essentially in a very poor way to describe it K-On with the visuals of say Love Live. It is about a girl who, in her very weird ways, falls in love with playing a guitar and is on the road to make her own club of sorts that will play at the cultural festival.

That is really about it from what I have watched thus far. The characters are odd, especially the main girl, as well as running around with their own agendas, yeah looking at you drummer girl and secondary guitar girl, but other than that really it is just a simple watch.


Demi-chan wa Kataritai

Demi continues to be amazing and I think I have finally started ignoring people who have been hating on it because ‘OMG immoral relationships’ or they have finally dropped it and stopped talking about it. I’m kind of curious though because of how things are moving along… I feel like they will finish with the manga by probably episode nine or ten leaving an unknown (as far as I know there has been no confirmation) amount of episodes left for some possible anime original content (or even content we haven’t seen yet in the manga).


Gabriel Dropout

Oh Satania you poor… poor child… I love you but Raphie and her sadism towards you is currently winning my love. Now of course I say that but really I love all the girls here though there is some clear bias towards Satania and Raphie as their… skits I guess you could call it… are some of the best. As for my predictions using my knowledge of the series compared to Demi above… I am not sure really? Maybe I just can’t really remember the manga well or they truly have just gone all over the place but I can’t recall half of what has aired really when compared to the manga. So I am not sure where it will or will not go.


Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Saikawa is literally how pretty much everyone I know who watches this show reacts to this show (and subsequently Kanna). Bout the only other thing really is how everyone is wondering where the last dragon is since we haven’t seen her yet. I also surprisingly saw someone on Twitter complain that the show was bad because it wasn’t closer to the manga designs… but that… just seems like a silly complaint to me.


Konosuba 2

I realize now I never before mentioned I was actually watching this? I think?

My feelings on it have been… mixed. On one hand the art/animation has for sure gone downhill from where season one started (let us not talk about the last like two episodes or OVA right now). But the quirkiness of where it has come to mixed with its comedy almost oddly seems perfect for the show.

So while I am keeping up with it, more or less, for now it definitely isn’t really getting any big notice from me either.


Little Witch Academia

I… I can’t believe myself… but I am about to actually complain slightly at LWA.

Don’t hate me too much because I still absolutely love this series, probably more than I should, but I just… get annoyed quite a bit by Akko (and Diana but less on that right now) and its really just how at least from my point of view she never feels she is wrong for doing half of the things she does that are clearly wrong.

At first it was kind of endearing because she was the oddball out with like no magic aptitude what so ever. But she has done some things especially in the last episode or two where I was just like “Yeah no shit you were in the wrong why are you fighting against it?” yet all she did was throw a fit about her being in the wrong…

I dunno maybe I am just being too picky on a small matter like this… it’s still a great show.


Nyanko Days

So this is a short I picked up that is airing this season and I am in absolute love with it primarily because… it kind of gives me that fill of what Nukoduke manga would be like if it was slightly altered. The worst part so far is this has been running as if it was one (maybe two) normal length episodes and they just chopped that up into like three minute chunks.


One Room

Another short, though this one I have been watching since the start, and sorry imouto (and the shows pandering to your non existent cleavage), but you are not nearly as good as the first girl and I am hoping the girl after you, assuming there is one, makes up for your lacklusterness.


Urara Meirochou

Still enjoying Urara though I was expecting more movement in it I suppose is the way to put it? In the show there are supposed to be levels of Urara… skill… I suppose it is worded and I was expecting by now the cast would have moved up in the world but nope they are still just goofing off it feels like over at the tea shop. Sure they are learning they make a point of pointing that out every episode but so far it has just served for them to goof off or get into incidents.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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6 Responses to Full Throttle in Winter 2017, Mid Season Madness

  1. Rocco B says:

    Hey up :D. The only one i’ve watched on your list is one room and that was maybe like 1-3 epi. Kobayshi maid seems interesting, konosuba still need to get through the 1st season, I haven’t seen demi-chan. So might give that a shot. In all good post, keep it up!!! :D.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the follow and comment!

      I love Kobayashi, though it seems the most… on the fence series for various reasons over on Twitter. Really just depends on your… personal tendencies towards some of its topics I suppose. I’d also recommend it’s manga if you are interested in manga, though don’t be discouraged by its art, Cool has a very unique drawing style that works for his manga but KyoAni does what KyoAni does and made it look absolutely stunning.

      Demi-chan I love as well and also seems to be another series on the fence for Twitter due to an underlying (and thus so far non-moving) topic of potential teacher-student relations. I’d also recommend the manga here as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rocco B says:

        your welcome :D. Yeah when it comes to sublime art kyo are right up though, sure I’ll give the anime a shot when i have the time. Speaking of twitter, if you like I can intro you to other bloggers like myself. they are a cool bunch :D. I can’t seem to click on your twitter link, xDD.


  2. oigakkosan says:

    I did notice Demi-chan wa Kataritai’s inappropriate relationships (I’m do support for emotionally damaged elementary school children) but my bigger issue with the show is how uneventful it’s become. This week’s choice to focus on Sakie’s character, who is especially narrow narratively, was draining to sit through. Kurtz and Old Man Cop didn’t add much to her either and, because they needed to be introduced themselves, not much was able to develop otherwise. (the other demi-chans were essentially not in the episode)

    Wrap it up in DcwK’s drab visuals and I’m just not feeling the feels I did at the beginning :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • An interesting perspective given I am probably blindly in love with it as I generally am with series that adapt manga I enjoy well (whole other ballpark if it is a poor adaptation). I agree though that neither Kurtz nor the Detective add much and unless the anime throws in some original content they probably still won’t.


      • oigakkosan says:

        LWA’s lack of clear narrative goals (and lack of slice-of-life structure) is frustrating me for similar reasons. But LWA is a beautiful show compared to Demi-chan, and it’s characters are much more richly developed (it’s not just a soft-harem).

        Maid Dragon also went deep into inappropriate situations territory this week (with Boob dragon basically molesting a little boy for laughs) but it too is better looking than Demi-chans and, even with that, Maid Dragon still had emotionally resonant and narratively interesting moments this week.

        Put that all together and it’s becoming difficult to stick with Demi-chan each week.


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