Tackling the Tower of Books; Death March

Hello Everyone!

I must apologize for the blog being so silent. At first it was because I just didn’t really have anything to post, then it turned into not being in the mood to post, and finished up with not having the time to post.

I still honestly can’t say I have the time… I work every single day up to next Tuesday and it is also midterm week this week so yeah that is going to be fun…

Anyway! New addition to the tower of books, which I admit I am using more as a name for this series of posts rather than any actual tower of books anymore, this time around it is Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody.


So I want to try something different this time around… and perhaps from here on out with these novel posts. Primarily before all I was doing with them was going step by step what happened in the novel. Now while I do think it is literally impossible to talk about a novel without spoiling some things I don’t think I need to keep doing the route I was going down by just saying everything that happened in the book.

Death March is a Light Novel with both a Manga and Web Novel version as well. Now I have experience with the manga and the light novel seems to be following the story that is detailed in that one (or perhaps vice versa but I was introduced to the manga first) but have been told that the story that is detailed in the web novel. This information comes from both the author himself who says this at the end of the light novel and from Avid, who joined me at the end of last year to review Final Fantasy XV, so I am prone to believe that information.

The story starts with our protagonist working what is commonly referred to as a “death march” or what is essentially that constant stream of working insanely long hours as a game programmer when the deadline for a game is coming up and you still have way too much work to be done. After he is done he goes to sleep and wakes up in another world and thanks to the powers that be he quickly becomes insanely overpowered.

From there Death March mixes your usual isekai story fantasies into more or less what I would consider a slice of life story. Satou, our protagonist, is so overpowered he doesn’t have any sort of issues to worry about in combat. He gains skills easily and has plenty of points to allocate towards them as well. Also to mention the story seems to focus a lot on the food he finds/cooks/eats as well as the women he interacts with.

For me that last part is a bit of a… odd spot I guess. On one hand as with many isekai stories it is clearly a sort of harem being set up and Satou in this world looks like nothing more than a fifteen year old boy. The problems, if you consider it one, come from the fact in the real world Satou is a nearly thirty something guy. So all these girls coming at him or joining him he can’t see as anything more than just children given their ages range from younger than thirteen to I think the oldest being maybe seventeen so far.

If I were to judge a series completely by its first volume alone… Death March is interesting and pretty good but has some flaws that I wish were addressed differently. I know, thanks to the manga, that the story seems to be heading in some interesting directions so I will definitely be continuing it over the coming months/years.

Thank you for reading and if you feel up to it leave a comment down below, either about the series or about the new direction I am trying with these posts.


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