Full Throttle in Winter 2017, The End is Nigh

Hello Everyone!

Sadly with how things have gone a good portion of my season went to the wayside without me realizing it. Now this isn’t me coming up with excuses and dropping shows it is just me saying that when I get the time… probably next week… I will catch up on the shows that I have fallen behind on.

The worse part really is of the shows that didn’t fall behind they are of the type of shows, that I generally love of course, that do not really change week to week. The first week is barely distinguishable from the ninth week other than you may like certain characters more or less really.

Anyway on with the shows!


Demi-chan wa Kataritai

Oh Sakie-sensei… A great focus episode on her character and her feelings for Takahashi. More specifically towards whether the feelings are truly love or just some increased effect from her aphrodisiac effect of being a succubus. I’m glad I was able to avoid Twitter while/after this one aired. I’m sure plenty of people complained since they couldn’t complain about the kids being close to the teachers.


Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Finally Elma has arrived! Of course just like the other dragons she is curvy as hell which honestly is a good thing in my opinion. Of course I now wonder since the episode with Elma showing up ended with her being blasted away into the horizon if she will still be around or if the comedy/gag of her showing up is she got that one appearance and that was it for her.


Gabriel Dropout

This show is more or less carried by Satania and Raphie. I mean I still like Vigne and Gab but they are both weak. Our latest episode brings about the girls celebrating Christmas, with some manipulation on Satania, followed by a drunken Gab on New Years, and ending on the girls going on vacation back to Hell and Heaven. The anime is quickly catching up to the manga, possibly by next episode even, so I am really curious how this will end since it will end outside of my knowledge.


Nyanko Days

So Nyanko Days is unbearably cute but unfortunately way too short. So I am not really expecting much to come from this sadly despite it being so cute.


One Room

If this holds the same path as it does we will be looking at a new girl for the final stretch of the show. About the only thing this really has going for it though is the unique perspective look and that it is Kantoku’s artwork.


Urara Meirochou

Oddly Urara took a long time for it to finally start progressing its story. We are almost done and they only just now qualify to test for the next rank. Though all the stuff surrounding Chiya is interesting in its own right that hasn’t really carried the show well when it is all it has done without progressing any. The ending though seems to be raring up and it seems like it could be interesting. I guess it also has the hope unless it dumps  A LOT in the last few episodes for another season perhaps.

And… yeah that is it. Gintama I have no idea what happened to it I just kind of forgot about it. LWA I noticed after looking the site I generally use only just recently dumped like the last four episodes out so that explains why I missed them. Konosuba… I kinda fell out with I guess? Bang Dream is actually more or less caught up I just haven’t watched the most recent so I decided to exclude it today.


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One Response to Full Throttle in Winter 2017, The End is Nigh

  1. Rocco B says:

    I have to agree with one room, watched the first two epis I think. It does give a really interesting perspective. Watched dragon maid (finally) and it is pretty good!! xDD. Keep up the posts!!.


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