Northgard, An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to work on a little bit of a game review for a somewhat recent addition to my library, I blame the youtuber Aavak and my weak will towards buying things, as well as pretty recent on Steam itself.


Northgard is a fun little game that is essentially, on a very basic level, a Settler’s game with a Viking theme. You build a bit of a viking colony as you take over territories, each territory having its own unique bonus such as hunting spots, fishing, large woods, etc etc, and each map you play on is a randomly generated so what one map gives you the next map may not.

One of my enjoyments from this is each slice of territory has only a set number of buildings allowed so it isn’t like many other similar city/colony building games where you can build to your hearts content. This of course brings about that every time you acquire yourself a new territory you must constantly be aware of what you need and what resources the area provides.


There are multiple ways to win each map as well. First you have your basic styles of winning like domination, research (called lore in this game, and trade. Then you have others unique to the game such as controlling the territory of Yggdrasil, Hellheim, and other various winning options. But not all of them will be available per map, there is even a chance none of the unique ones could be there though they are slim.

For a game that is in early access Northgard is more of a complete game than most. Currently it is only random generated maps with three possible clans to choose from but there are spots for five on the selection screen and plans for a campaign and multiplayer to come down the pipe later. I’m eager to see what will come from the campaign especially since I am not a major multiplayer type of player.



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