Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V7

Hello everyone and welcome to light novel hell!

Er… I mean another volume of Danmachi.

I finished this one just in time as the 8th volume is about to drop down on us but I have been slacking off in my reading as is per usual because it took me like a full month and a half to read this volume. Though it was fairly large in size compared to previous volumes. But that means it will take me longer to read the rest of my stuff now…

Anyway on with the story!


I have to admit this volume was pretty damn kick ass. Especially the ending of it. Bell as usual being in the heart of all the issues that happen (I mean… why shouldn’t he be… he is the protag). The volume begins where the last ended with the Hestia Familia looking around their newly refurbished and acquired home from the War Games of the last novel.

Through some shenanigans and information gathering Mikoto ends up going on a “secret” rendezvous to the seedier section of the city where one can find the prostitutes of the city. Where in lies a Renart, which is essentially our fox-eared beauty above, whom is an old friend of Mikoto’s. Of course while tailing Mikoto into the district Bell ends up getting lost.

This is essentially where the story propels itself from as this leads to nearly all the amazons of the district all under their Goddess Ishtar’s familia chasing our little rabbit all across the area until he finally “escapes” by hiding in the room where our renart, Haruhime, resides who lets him hide there over the night. This eventually leads to Bell sneaking out of the district but not soon after Ishtar learns of Bell’s favor to her most hated rival Freya who wants him back in her grasp.

This causes Ishtar to send an attack force after Bell and company while they are in the dungeon immediately capturing him due to the abilities of Haruhime affecting the attackers. Again though Bell escapes but quickly returns on the plan of saving Haruhime. This is where all hell begins though as Freya at this time is pissed beyond belief and began a full out war against Ishtar.

I knew Freya’s Familia was considered the strongest familia but it never really explained how and we really get to see why here. Her familia literally in minutes destroys the entire district and effectively ends Ishtar’s familia while doing it. This includes them demolishing through all of the various adventurers who have been giving Bell and company a hard time throughout the volume.

The volume ends with Freya finishing off Ishtar, permanently, and Haruhime joining Hestia Familia. Now I will say I left quite a bit of details out of this post so I hope that pushes others to go read it. I’m also trying to learn how to give less details so these posts are less me just going over the book and more into trying to sell people into reading it. We’ll see if I actually accomplish doing that…


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