‘Expeditions Viking’ (PC) Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the blog. I have absolutely no excuse this time around for not blogging other than maybe general laziness. In fact the only reason I am blogging right now is because my other avenues of procrastination are down and I am not quite ready to begin another light novel quite yet (though I have two I can blog about) so today will be procrastination through blogging.

Today we will go over a recently released game called ‘Expeditions Viking’.


So ‘Expeditions Viking’ is a tactical, turn-based, RPG in the vein of games like Baldur’s Gate, Pillars of Eternity, and Divinity Original Sin. It’s primary focus is its story which, obviously by the name, is themed towards the era of Vikings back during around 800AD give or take a couple hundred years for my forgetfulness.

Although the story is its focus that doesn’t just mean one should ignore the other parts in favor of it. There are multiple other things that make the game what it is such as the ability to grow your homestead which gives you various perks through the game, the choices you make throughout the game, in story, combat, and what you build, and how these choices affect the game, the quests, and of course combat itself.


So touching up on some of these aspects such as the choices you make. In combat you have a choice right away, you can choose lethal or non-lethal blows, in most fights this doesn’t make much of a difference honestly though for some after the fight is over if you leave the opponents alive it gives you more dialogue, such as a survivor giving you much needed information or allowing a bunch of kids who attack you to live to see the next day. Things like that exist as well as in dialogue itself you have various choices such as choosing to kill, exile, or recruit the guy who challenges your right to rule.

Combat is the fairly typical turn based tactical RPG style we have seen for decades. Each character has a turn, a chance to hit, a chance to crit, various abilities, and the what not. For those who enjoy the genre it is just enough nostalgia to not dislike it but it lacks the flair and extravagance some other games deliver so if you wanted just a bit more or something new you might be missing it here.


Some fairly unique features would be the use of camping to keep your hird in good spirits and from exhaustion, which causes some complications in combat, and the use of while camping to hunt for extra food, craft armor, weapons, and usable items, repair your gear, and things like that. I have personally yet to see what happens if your security is too low but I assume it would just mean some more combat.

Another feature would be that of the homestead and upgrading it. Though it is fairly simple in design: gather resources, choose upgrade, wait for upgrade to finish. The perks it gives seem interesting enough to me. But again it isn’t anything so extravagant that one would have to necessarily go out of their way for it.


Really where the game shines is in its story. I may be biased personally as I love literally everything Viking/Norse themed but of what I have played of so far? It has been great.

Now if you look at reviews, especially over on Steam, they are ripping the game apart really mostly about bugs. I personally have had none myself other than maybe one but I wasn’t sure if that was the game or my computer saying ‘Fuck You Jerkwad!’. So I write this all more as a hope that you will ignore the bad reviews and give the game a chance. That said though… even with my Viking bias I really can’t give the game more than a I will say 7 out of 10.

This mostly comes from the fact that though I love the Viking theme and of course tactical, turn based, RPG’s overall the game is fairly basic outside of the story. Sure that story carries it far but uninteresting combat, time based missions, an overall lack of exploration or freedom, and other concepts that are well done in other similar games just lowers the score overall.


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