Tackling the Tower of Books; Death March V2

Hello Everyone!

Nothing much to say. Working my way through a handful of games and various LN’s right now so really just trying to get things done so I can blog about them.

Today as the title says will be over the second volume in the Death March series.


Volume 2 starts out where the first volume ended after Satou purchased the slave girls Arisa and Lulu and brought them to the inn where he was staying. Arisa of course tries to take advantage of Satou but his power being what it is she only just mildly affected him before he shot his resistances to her skills up.

He learns after reprimanding her that while there are similarities to their incidents there are also quite a few major differing factors to them. They both retain memories of their former lives but Arisa apparently passed away and was reborn in that world after talking with a god wheras Satou just woke up in that world.

There are plenty of other things of course discusses but I don’t want to list them all out. A good chunk of the first part of the volume is Satou dealing with various misunderstandings and having fun with Zena and his girls through the day as he learns more about the city he is in. This is stopped by various events that happen such as a swarm of flying ants attacking the city.

While that event is quickly handled it almost immediately leads to where Satou saves a ratman guarding an elven girl, Mia, who later becomes more important. While initially saved Mia is quickly kidnapped by whom is presumably one of the strongest individuals in this world even if they are… sorely lacking skill wise compared to Satou.

Satou follows after Mia and is thrust into trial of sorts that because of his level he quickly overcomes. He learns that the creature that kidnapped Mia was another person like himself and Arisa though he judges by his tone that he comes from a different time or even place than either of them.

At the creatures wish he ends its life and subsequently the dungeon of sorts that he is in begins to collapse. Using items he has gathered he gets Mia and others involved out of the collapse and of course ends up with another hefty pile of treasure to sift through in his free time.

The volume ends with him and his girls leaving the town with Zena staying behind to finish what she needs to finish promising that she will one day meet him again. This is interesting to me because Zena in my opinion had the greatest chance of being with Satou despite his insistence he saw her nothing more than as a child.

The thing I am loving about Death March is that it isn’t focused on the battles and Satou being a complete overpowered badass. I mean yeah sure that is there obviously but it is more focuses on his exploration, his learning, and him just enjoying things. He isn’t out to rule or destroy the world despite having the power to do so.


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