Kicking Back with Summer 2017 Anime, First Episode Impressions, Part Two

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the last post for the seasonal anime for this season. I’m not really going big like I said before but one big difference is I did decide not to go on a watching binge trying every single little thing out. So all you will be seeing today, for the most part, is just stuff I decided on by word of mouth from others in the anime community or I already knew I was watching for one reason or another.


Centaur no Nayami

Ahh good ol’ lesbian animal girls.

So if anyone has originally read my post detailing where my hype was for this season you’ll remember this show was on my #1 “I hope to god it is good” list and “Please Haoliners don’t fuck this up” lists.

The first episode alleviated some of my fears as it did a pretty damn good job. Yeah sure there were moments where the animation went a little wonky but nothing so jarringly bad that I had to drop it in a fit of rage.

While they did skip the… questionable… chapter 0’s ‘Vagina Comparison’ topic they did in fact keep the tongue in cheek racism. They did skimp a bit on the biology lesson but even I can assume the average viewer who knows nothing of the series would care anyway.

Made in Abyss – Hmmmm… OK so first I will say that this had a great premiere that easily drew me in throughout the entire episode and quite quickly made it onto my list despite my desire to keep it smaller than it is with it on.

Add that in and catching a glimpse of some spoilers, and lightly spoilering myself on some of the manga moments that entirely shifted the tone of what the first episode showed us, has me entirely captivated… though I am expecting some major feels and wtf moments now.

Koi to Uso – This one will be one of the few on here that didn’t end up on the list I suppose. A part of me thinks I just watched it at a bad time because I don’t remember a thing about the episode honestly other than the fact… THOSE FUCKING EYES KEPT BUGGING ME THE HELL OUT!!!

Like holy hell those were some of the buggiest bug eyed characters I have ever freaking seen. Anyway it MIGHT be something to binge later depending on what I hear about it but…. I don’t have too high of hopes for it.



Whew that ending sure was something.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed this premiere quite a bit actually but I am curious to see where it all goes. The characters that were introduced all seem pretty fun and the MC got me to laugh a few times as well as just what was going on in the story itself.

Netsuzou TRap – NTR. NTR everywhere!

But no seriously I couldn’t really get behind this show. The smut yuri thing going on isn’t really my thing plus the whole dynamic with the guys and the lies and everything by the end I was glad it was over and I just marked it down as something I wouldn’t care about in the end.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni – This series is… well it is honestly about as generic as you can come in isekai ‘reborn in another world’ series. MC dies, MC gets powers, MC is reborn in another world, MC is overpowered thanks to new powers, Girls surrounded by MC more or less want his dick. There is absolutely NOTHING groundbreaking going on here.

That said I kinda still enjoyed it. The skit format that they had going on was… interesting in a way if albeit slightly jarring at first. I dunno if this show will last through the season to be honest but it just might.


Hajimete no Gal

First off let me just get this out of the way: Fuck censors and to hell with with any moral obligations related to piracy. Go watch the uncensored version there is no reason for it to be censored.

Anyway. I half expected them to take liberties with the anime as it was already kind of obvious from the promo pics that it was going to be. They haven’t gone as bad as Jitsu wa in that regard but there was obviously some additional things here and some moved around content to better introduce some characters who just never show up until later in the manga normally.

Despite that I still enjoyed it like I hoped and am already ready for more. I’m curious how far they will get cause given the character introductions unless they draw out some parts I am expecting it to catch up and pass the translated manga within 6-8 episodes.


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2 Responses to Kicking Back with Summer 2017 Anime, First Episode Impressions, Part Two

  1. indragar says:

    Ok you got me Wolfe. I’ll check out Gamers and Smarthphone….no seriously I promise.

    Liked by 1 person

    • While I won’t say don’t and that you should go for it I will say they are fairly low on my lists right now. Smartphone probably won’t get much better but I kinda wanna have hope for Gamers.


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