Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi: Sword Oratoria V1

Hello Everyone!

Today we have another round of me doing awful posts about decently mediocre series at their best!

This time over the Danmachi spinoff following the Loki Familia and specifically it’s star player Aiz Wallenstein.


OK so this time I won’t do what I “accidentally” did with Death March V2 and revert back to just spoiling the entire novel. Trying to learn and adapt. Talk big but spoil less that is the key.

So as I said just above Sword Oratoria is the spinoff of the main Danmachi story focusing primarily on the Loki Familia and specifically more on Aiz, her story within the familia and city, as well as some odd happenings.

These odd happenings are some of the major plot hooks for the first volume. Never before seen monsters, varying degrees of monster behavior changes, and the Dungeon itself changing. Now those with a clever eye can pick out some of these things happening even in the original series with Bell and crew but the points don’t add up until you read SO and actually know what is happening.

Other than seeing the other side of things that made barely any sense or no sense at all in Danmachi we also get to see how things work when you are at the top of the pack since there is only a handful of players in the city stronger than Aiz physically. While most of the currently known dungeon is a fairly easy cakewalk for Aiz, and most of Loki Familia, it goes to show just how big of a difference things are between say Aiz and Bell even when it is a fight for their lives.

Bell takes it more basically, not too much flash and more of a scrap than a proper fight of sorts, in almost all of his fights. Meanwhile Aiz is the type to use her powers to literally fly across a room at lightning speeds in a very anime/video game-esque way.

Overall I liked the novel but I feel like it had an even rougher start than Danmachi did for me as I recall it taking me about a half dozen attempts to finally pick my way into those novels where it took me a near dozen attempts to get into this one. I am curious to see where it goes and of course I love seeing the other side of things in the Danmachi universe… but honestly I am also fine if I all I did was stick with reading Danmachi alone.


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  1. indragar says:

    Aww no spoilers? I’m sad now. 😦

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