Tackling the Tower of Books; The Rising of the Shield Hero V2

Well let’s try this again because I apparently hit delete instead of publish (even though the two buttons are NOWHERE NEAR EACH OTHER) last night so this post didn’t end up going out.

Today we will be going over a series that has been largely ignored by me since it started out this series of blog posts: The Rising of the Shield Hero.


So I will admit it has been so long not just since I read this volume but the series in general that I had to go back to get refreshers on what all was even going on. I also quickly remembered that I have a sort of love + hate relationship with this series. It’s far from a favorite like Overlord, Danmachi, or Death March, but it isn’t quite as low on my list as Log Horizon or SAO (which neither are necessarily bad just go places I didn’t want from the series.

The main reason for my distaste for the series I think comes from the protagonist himself. But I equally love the series for him. The series, and by extension the protagonist, are not some starry eyed dream in this fairy tale setting of being transported to another world. More or less his first memory being in this new world is being hated followed by being tricked and betrayed by the very people that brought him there.


In the second volume we see more of this hate and betrayal from both sides though they are intermingled with moments of the slaves Naofumi have acquired. I do say slaves because Raphtalia is joined by another, Filo, who happens to be some sort of creature that can turn into a giant chocobo bird.

Now I won’t deny the volume had some great moments especially near the end with Naofumi essentially losing himself to rage and his Shield taking on that rage itself. But I gotta say of my Light Novel purchases… this may be one of my least favorites, including the ones I think are worse than it, and the fact that I jumped the gun and bought like 4 of the 5 novels I have of it all at once was definitely a mistake.

As such it will probably be a long while before I pick this series back up. If I do that at all. I do have more Overlord to read and write about and I realized earlier when I was trying to find this post originally that I have yet to talk about SAO, Log Horizon, or even Spice and Wolf in any sort of major way yet so all of those will probably be covering the next few posts at least.


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