Kicking Back with Summer 2017 Anime, Dwindling Down

Hello Everyone!

So it seems with each passing week my list gets smaller and smaller and that is just due to distractions and things increasingly getting busy for me. In the coming weeks I may be really quiet with school and work all going on but I will hopefully at least get a blog post out each week I hope.

But let us get one with some anime talk!



Gamers continues to deliver for me each episode even if the best description I have for it that I have seen is “Generically Tropey Piece of Crap”. That isn’t saying the show itself is crap, unless you just can’t stand the tropes, but that is pretty much what runs the show.

I am loving it though and am honestly curious how they are going to play out the dynamics for the relationships near the end. My first guess is they will ignore them for laughs and keep everyone roughly where they still are. The second is my hopeful shipper in me and I wanna see Tendou and Amano hook up, Uehara pay attention to Aguri again, and Hosinomori falls for one of Tendou’s club friends… like the guy with… memory loss I believe it was?

New Game+: Things are heating up in New Game really with all the focus on the various dynamics of each of the unofficial “relationships” going on with the team(s). I was mentioned by someone that I shouldn’t be shipping them all together because the only one that seems to like another person is Rin towards Kou but fuck that I will ship them all.

Also I increasingly wish I could play the game(s) they make in the company because I will admit they actually look fun?

Isekai Shokudou: As ever this show is increasingly slow but so increasingly interesting for me. Mostly I love the characters and good food but there is something else that has to be drawing me here because normally I would have been bored to death watching this I think. If I ever figure that out I may mention it but for now I will just enjoy what I know I like from the show.


Tsurezure Children

First, I am still absolutely loving this show and I cannot honestly wait for more. I have probably rewatched every episode 2 or 3 times by now.


Aho Girl: Man… this show… as I have said like… every week now probably… makes me groan but I keep laughing at everything going on so I can’t just end up dropping it.

I honestly could care less how this show goes cause it is so low on my list of liking it despite the laughs. But I am expecting something out of nowhere like Akkun or whatever his name actually was admitting he likes one of the three idiot girls.

Centaur no Nayami: Well I wasn’t expecting our snake girl to have that type of voice… but I won’t complain at a generally OK adaptation thus far for not having what I pictured as the voice.

The thing I am curious about is where the show will make it to. I am hoping they at least cover the archery tournament but they haven’t even mentioned it yet and I recall it being fairly prominent in the manga? It would be interesting if they also had the alternate reality/world bit but that may be a bit too far in.

And… yeah that is everything right now. BokuHero probably won’t be back around until end of the season unless I binge it later today (which is highly likely actually). Abyss I decided after the 3rd ep I wanted to binge it. Sakura Trick…. yeah it just wasn’t doing its thing anymore. HajiGal I went on the fence with around ep 3 or 4? Something about it being animated was distracting (other than the censors) compared to just reading it so I started disliking it a bit. I still like it though so I will probably binge it later.


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