Tackling the Tower of Books; Overlord Volume Two

Hello Everyone!

I swear I haven’t just been playing Minecraft for the last week straight… because Monster Hunter World also released a new collab event yesterday so I have been in that as well.

Today I decided to dust off my second volume of Overlord so I could talk about this series that I keep for some reason forgetting to return to.


In the second volume of Overlord our protagonist, Momonga, decides to get more information about the world he is currently living in that he would disguise himself in full plated armor and become and hide as an adventurer with the name of Momon. Along with him one of his subordinates, Naberal, who was using the name Nabe while accompanying Momonga in the city.

Momonga together with Nabe joined an adventuring group that ended up being contracted to escort someone from the city to a nearby village. This village happened to be the one that Momonga visited during the first volume and was now under the protection of one of his magical items he kept from the game world which had summoned an army of goblins to protect the village.


In the second half of the book after Momonga and the adventuring group finished their tasks they had returned to the city with one extra companion in tow, the large hamster creature known as the ‘King of the Forest’. Later that night when they returned Momonga went to check on the adventuring group and their client only to find them all as zombies and them all tortured.

This leads him in a sort of blind rage to follow the tracks left by the attackers which lead to the city graveyard where at that time a large army of undead had begun to rise from the ground and attack the city. Momonga, of course, being so insanely powerful easily breaks through where he has a final showdown with the necromancer behind the army of undead and the assassin who tortured his companions.

And that will be all I will talk about because I am trying to get better at writing the posts about books where I don’t just spoil the entire novel but give enough details to hopefully entice some people into checking it out.

The third volume begins an arc involving Shalltear which many are probably familiar with had they watched the anime already. Hopefully, I can have that read up by the end of next month!


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