Tales of Anime: Flying Witch

Hello Everyone!

My choices today were pretty much, choose a game, that I haven’t probably played enough of, to go over or choose an anime for another entry into my Tales of Anime series of posts. So since choosing anime is easier given I have some 1,200 possible choices according to MAL I went with that instead.

I did a quick ask over on the Discord I hide in most of the time and with the suggestions I gave Flying Witch won out today! So obligatory congratulations to Fee for choosing a good anime and let’s get this underway shall we?

Flying Witch.jpg

Flying Witch is a slice of life series based around Makoto, a young witch, and her family out in the countryside as she trains as a witch. The anime follows Makoto’s daily life as she adjusts to her new surroundings while she lives with her relatives and is introduced to more of the peculiar aspects of being a witch through other witches in the area and her sister who comes and goes as she pleases.

When Flying Witch was airing I was absolutely gushing over it without even trying to hold myself back. It was constantly at #1 for me throughout the 2016 spring season it aired and was the initial starting point for me deciding to start collecting anime in DVD/BR format as well.


To be honest I entirely plan to rewatch it soon and I am still hoping that this show will get another season somehow someway. The manga as far as I am aware is still ongoing and while I am not sure if it has passed the anime or not it does mean that eventually there could be enough material for another season for the anime down the road.

I have been asked in the past how I would recommend this show to others and the reply almost always is the same. Poorly, because I would be so fanatic about this particular recommendation I would probably turn people off from watching it rather than actually wanting to see it. A sort of curse of mine when it comes to things I really enjoy especially when it comes to anime series I really enjoy (so essentially anything in my Top Anime list above us).

As always with my Tales of Anime posts, they are less me going over all of a shows aspects trying to convince someone to watch a particular show rather that they are just my personal feelings towards that particular show being showcased. But I will just say I made this blog back in… 2014… I think I made my Top Anime list the year after in 2015… and Flying Witch when it aired in 2016 immediately when up to my top five of shows I have seen. So top 5 of some 1,200 potential choices, I will just say that is my way of saying go ahead and watch it.

Flying Witch2.gif


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