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Hello Everyone!

Under threat of being kicked out of my one and only home (a Discord server), I am now actually getting my post put together. Today is another manga ramblings post. Two new ones join our ever-expanding list of manga (which I probably should update again soon) for everyone’s enjoyment.

Today we will cover:

  • Tamen De Gushi
  • Buddha Cafe
  • Pashiri na Boku to Koisuru Banchou
  • A Story about a Female Knight
  • Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san


Tamen De Gushi

It is honestly getting kind of hard to keep up with Tamen lately. It’s still good but the author doesn’t seem to be following any sort of story anymore (or maybe the translators can’t get their hands on it in order?) so all we have been getting is little one-shots or side story stuff that doesn’t really seem to make sense. Still, I won’t drop it just because of that it is just getting slightly annoying is all.


Buddha Cafe

This is a recently new series that entered my watchlist a couple of days ago. A clumsy girl who has gone through countless jobs is hired on at a Buddhist run Cafe. It’s a funny little gag manga that honestly kinda reminds me of Nozaki-kun and has some intermittent information regarding Buddhist teachings (though I have no way of knowing how accurate those really are).


Pashiri na Boku to Koisuru Banchou

Some of my favorite stories are the ones where things happen due to misunderstandings even if at the same time those misunderstandings can be dreadfully annoying if they last too long. Here we have another new series where the school’s delinquent boss (who doesn’t seem to really realize she is a delinquent while at the same time being a classic stereotype for one) confesses to a boy whom all his life has had to deal with delinquents and thinks he is just being asked to be an errand boy. It’s been pretty good the first few chapters but equally at the way it is developing out I don’t see it lasting long right now.


A Story of a Female Knight

So now in our lovely gag comedy series here about the Knight who has never been treated as a woman we have our great jealousy cliche of anime where the girl sees the guy she likes with another girl and gets instantly mad and jealous. Of course, the girl turns out to be not only super cute but the little sister of said guy. But! The jealousy is warranted because she is clearly a brocon and he is possibly a siscon and of course our Knight is jealous and that is all that matters! I dunno I am still liking the series despite the obvious cliches and tropes being used now but I am probably so far into being an otaku now this is just my life.


Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

To wrap up this post we go over to the world of where “What if Takagi went a little further with the teasing of Nishikata” series. Nagatoro this latest time around was teasing giving our senpai a piercing which made him go in overload thinking about having matching earrings. Of course, she doesn’t actually do it and just pinches his ear but she teases him given he got all bashful about it afterward.

And there we go. Now I can go back home to Aavak’s discord server.

Right Aavak?

… Right?


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