About the Wolfe

Good News, Everyone! StoneWolfe has finally decided to make a blog for some fun and to improve his writing skills. I am a twenty-something strapping young lad going through college and dealing with life, like many other people out there. I plan to use this blog for various things to go with my various tastes in life. This will include but is not limited to Anime, Manga, Writing, Artwork, Gaming, and just various things that happen in my life.

BakaAndTest (2)

Let’s get this disaster started!

First up is: I watch quite a bit of anime so I am going to finally try my hand at reviews, and I will apologize now because they probably will be fairly bad at first as I learn how to properly do them. But I think the blog needs a primary focus, and this is probably my best bet for that though who knows it may change down the road! I have a fairly wide taste in anime I think, so one review may be about a light-hearted comedy and the next may be about a dark gritty action. It all matters what the current season is giving us and what I am watching from it!


“Wait is this going to be a long intro?”


Second one up is: Manga. While I am still fairly new to the world of manga, at least compared to anime at least, I am thoroughly enjoying my time within its large limitless boundaries. Though I heavily restrict myself as well in that limitless imaginative world… I prefer print manga 9 times out of 10. Anyone who reads manga can tell you doing this means I am restricted down to about 1/10th if not a large fraction of what manga is released in Japan and what gets translated state side. Not only that but except for a few rare cases I am probably going to be behind by five or more volumes behind the current chapter releases.


I might just happen to have an unhealthy addiction to the series Nisekoi…


Third point: Writing is an evil seductive temptress, and I am bad at pleasing her. I have always liked writing, I have been told I have talent for it especially if I work at it, I am also a pessimist and believe that was just people telling me I did good because it is their job to say you did good (Teachers and Parents for example). Despite my pessimism though, I have recently decided to get back into writing as a hobby and along with this blog I am currently working on some fantasy short stories that may or may not come to fruition someday. I may share some bits and pieces from these stories, or perhaps even full stories depending on their size, so people can bash me relentlessly on the internet.


A lot of that artwork is also NSFW, but I will try to avoid that…

Yet another point: I love, love, absolutely freaking LOVE artwork. Especially good artwork. Ask people who know me from Crunchyroll, I live on Pixiv practically. I mean I really spend an unnatural amount of time on that site it seems… can you get an addiction to looking at pretty pictures? I’m not sure, but I may have it. I could probably get all philosophical on how art should speak to you in some way, make your emotions burst, and you should even feel like you can jump into the picture to be a part of it… but… I failed philosophy so we will not have any of that here! Really I just like shiny things and a lot of the art on Pixiv is REALLY shiny.


Gaming: By no means am I a hardcore gamer. I am casual as possible when it comes to gaming. My gaming tastes I like to think are varied, I know they are not, but hey benefit of the doubt right? This will probably be my least touched on subject… even though I spend a lot of time gaming.


The Final Frontier: Will be just various posts about my life. What is happening in it, things that are going on around me, and other random happenstances.



Now, after all that I feel like I should actually talk about me. Who is the man behind the iron mask? Well let us find out a little bit of a local Wolfe shall we?

My name is Steven, but here I will primarily just use Wolfe to refer to myself when it is needed. I am 23 and I am currently slowly working my way through college working on a Computer Programming degree focusing in the Game Design side of that world. I always seem to get asked if I am religious or if I follow a religion for some reason or another so I will just say here and now: No. Don’t have anything against any of them really, and if I were to say religion is completely out of my life that would be a lie as I practice multiple religious beliefs and holidays, but I belong to none of them nor do I do any intense religious things, like going to church, or praying, or things like that.

Of course the question following that is ALWAYS the question of “Why?” so I guess I should give my answer here. I don’t like to believe is some greater power that controls our lives to minute details. I also don’t like to believe these greater beings are the reason for plagues and diseases because if said being was around why would they put us small folk through the wringer like that? Part of my life is day to day living and caring for the handicapped. Besides being my actual job (I am an employee for a company hiring caregivers for the handicapped) my own sister is completely paralyzed and can not do any daily functioning without assistance. So reiterating: Why do I not believe in say God? Because I can’t believe in Him if He has to curse other humans with diseases that has taken everything from my sister.


Anyway let us get away from the heavy topic there and go back to anime! I am warning you here, as I will probably have to warn a few times in my posts. All my reviews and thoughts of Anime, Manga, Games, or anything is purely my opinion. I’m not trying to sell the show, I don’t necessarily care if you think my review was bad, I don’t care at all if you think my opinion on a show is wrong. The point of my opinion is it being MINE, so if I like a show you hate or you hate a show I like it is not a problem! In fact, it will happen, trust me.

I believe that is about it for an About Me section, in fact it is probably more than what is needed. Deal with it. I’m new here. Still learning the ropes! I send you all off with an Irish Blessing!

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life’s passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!


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