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AKB0048, Defending Civilians Against Terror?

Hello Everyone!

Miraculously I am actually keeping up with my promise into the second week of watching AKB. Though to no extent of CR trying to do its best at keeping me from doing it given their player freezes every thirty or so seconds on my PC.

I’m going to have to figure something out in order to keep up with watching this… I could just watch it from CR on my PS4 but then that leaves no screencaps to use… the other option of course being using the dark side and just having to feel guilty/dirty at using that side of the internet.

Well that is for next week to figure out… On with the post!

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AKB0048, Being Mesmerized from the First Episode

Hello Everyone!

As I said somewhere around here, near the bottom somewhere, I thought I would take my hand at writing weekly episodic posts on a series that is fully done and fairly well received, at least within my social circles, and see how it turns out.

I had a few choices set up before me but I ended up choosing AKB0048.

Now I am no great writer. I can admit to that.

Nor am I really analytical so where one writer would say something like “This scene was extravagantly beautiful while this and that were happening.” I am more of the “PRETTY LIGHTS!” type of writer.

So while I am going to attempt to do my best a writing these with more than just “Oooh Pretty!” all over the place I honestly don’t want to get peoples hopes up either.

Without further ado I now present my thoughts on the first episode of AKB0048!

AKB (3)

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