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Looking Back Over 2015 Anime – The Good and The Bad

So it seems to be a bit of a trend I am seeing to talk about your favorite anime over the year or to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whichever though since this is my first full year as a blogger I thought I would do the same.

Of course I probably should have started this post earlier but who cares. My biggest debates were should I do all good? Do the good, bad, and ugly? One post? Multiple Posts?

What I ended up with was The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. But without the ugly… and just putting it all up into one post because… well I am lazy.

Now clearly there were plenty of good and plenty of bad all of which is of course only my opinion of the shows being shown here. As such to keep it from being like… 20+ good and 40+ bad I will narrow it down to just 5 of each so this isn’t some like 5k+ word post.

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Ending the Fall 2015 Anime Season

Hello Everyone!

Yes I am aware for actual readers we have yet to throw out the Fallout 4 review… eventually we might actually write it.

But for today I have decided to look at the end of the Fall 2015 anime. Overall for me this was a highly disappointing and mediocre season for anime with very little reaching my 5/6 out of 10 range (my “it’s watchable, but not great” range). But what did pass that passed it by a long shot.

So let’s take a look at my thoughts over the season:


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Fall Anime Season 2015, Week Ten

Hello Everyone!

So in a completely surprising twist my Creativerse blog post got shared by the Creativerse Twitter page which is awesome.

As such with an already high spike in views on the blog because of that I thought. Hey why the hell not throw out another blog post!

OK that is a lie I had this written yesterday I just didn’t post it because I am a fat lazy bastard.


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Fall Anime Season 2015, Week Nine

Good Day, Everyone!

This was actually ready last night. But I know trends! WordPress tells me these things! You all read my blog while skipping work and/or having lunch! So that is why it is being posted now around 10am… my time. But it is 10pm… POSTING FROM THE PAST IS CONFUZZILING!

OK whatever enough of that on with the anime!


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Fall Anime Season 2015, Week Seven

Hello Everyone!

As if it wasn’t completely obvious I disappeared. Yet again. It is becoming a bad habit really…

I ended up catching myself into a novel writing contest on top of the glorious amount of games that have been releasing on me and usual day to day business I just found myself without really any time to write for the blog.

Hopefully… within a week or two things will start to calm down for me after the writing contest deal is done and most/all of the games get their time played.

Now then, on with anime, which up until yesterday… I was about two weeks behind on everything I was watching. Not to mention I keep getting vibes to go back to things I dropped or put aside so… yeah this week may be interesting trying to put time in stuff I need to work on and my anime addiction.

This new look for making posts though on WordPress might confuse me for awhile though…

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Fall Anime Season 2015, Fifth Week Roundup

Hello Everyone!

For my like… ten or so actual followers… yes I disappeared from blogging. I have about a hundred different excuses I could use, some of which are actually valid, but I will just sum it all up as… I lost my drive.

I wanted to do so much at once it seemed for the last week and a half that my brain just ended up going “Nope, fuck you, we are taking a nap.” and every time I tried to do a post, and I tried at least a dozen times, I just sort of short-circuited and if I tried to re-do it to make it work it fizzled out so I eventually ended up going and doing something completely different.

So after giving up and allowing myself a little bit of a breather I am not coming back and going to start back up with the Fall Anime that I am still watching!

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Fall Anime Season 2015, Third Week Roundup

Good News, Everyone!

I am actually still watching simulcasts!

Really I have made no secret I am finding this season, compared to previous seasons lately, to be absolutely abysmal. Of the 15 or so shows I am actually watching I am only finding about three or four of them, if I don’t include the shorts, to be considered good while the rest are at a simple “decent” or only just “watchable”, or for people who prefer scores, three or four garner anything higher than a 7 out of 10 from me while the rest are hovering around a 4 to 5 out of 10.

So be prepared going into this post that… I will likely not be on the same page as you are in liking certain series. As I have found out I don’t think I am agreeing with really anyone this season I believe.

Which really is kind of an odd feeling…

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Fall Anime Season 2015, First Episode Impressions (Part Two)

Hello Everyone!

Drugs are working but in a less ‘making me woozy…’ way and more in a ‘HOLY CRAP I CAN ACTUALLY BREATHE!!’ way.

Now as for the rest of the first episode impressions… why is everything that seems to be talked about with at least a small margin of decency on Daisuki/Hulu/Dark Side?

No offense to Daisuki or Hulu but I just don’t have the money for MORE subs right now, also your players suck.

And I am one of those people that will only revert to the dark side if there is absolutely NO other source to acquire them from. Even then I only go to basic sites that just throw up the episodes rather than torrenting/downloading/whatever the shows to my computer, to hell with quality.

Anyway enough with the gloomy stuff. Onward with more anime!

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Fall Anime Season 2015, First Episode Impressions (Part One)

Hello Everyone!

I am tiredly attempting to put out some First Episode Impressions despite the fact I have an ear infection, swollen sinuses, and can barely breathe right now and the drugs are making me a bit woozy.

Overall not much has pushed me into actually wanting to start this season other than maybe everything beginning to build up and I want to just get through them now rather than wait for them to build up.

So without further ado let us begin.


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Ending a Mediocre Summer Season

Hello Everyone!

Today is Sunday and as far as I am aware (and for everything I am at least watching) nearly 99% of everything is done and over with. A few exceptions barring if they have 13 episodes but those seem to be few out of what I am personally watching and even from what aired this season.

Now I felt like actually writing today and if I just stuck with what I finished… well that would only be about four or five entries not including shorts.

So I thought: “Hey brilliant idea! Let’s talk about nearly everything I actually tried, including those I dropped and that are short, and see how that goes!”

Brilliant right? No probably not I know. I’m sure someone will tell me to go watch something I dropped or ask why I didn’t even watch certain shows (Symphogear) at all.

But it’s what I want to do and this is my blog so I can do it.

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