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Wrapping up the Spring 2015 Anime Season

So the end of the Spring 2015 Anime Season is here. For the most part everything I am watching is ending I think so what I wanted to do this time around is as I watch the final episodes I will write down here like I usually do but instead of doing it all at once on Monday or Tuesday like usual I am starting this early on Friday as I watch the weeks worth of anime.

So then let’s get right into it, well for me, you all will be seeing this in a couple of days at best.


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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 12 Highlights

Alright time for some weekly anime highlights.

Don’t really have much to talk about other than that…

So let’s get right into it.

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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 11 Highlights

The season is quickly wrapping up with only a couple of episodes left for all the shows not staying around into the next season which I think there are only three there that I will be keeping up with since I dropped the other four. This also means probably in the next couple of days (to weeks) I will throw out a post pointing out the shows from AniChart listed to show up next season and which of them I will be looking forward to and not looking forward to based on my shit tastes.

On other news I am starting to put out parts of my story I have been writing so I may have that up fully by the end of the month or so. That is really it on other news as well… So on with the post!

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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 10 Highlights

Another week of anime takes another week of my summer away. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing of course when I get more or less consistently decent episodes from the shows I have chosen to keep around.

I also actually gave myself some goals to try to accomplish this summer so I get to have fun seeing how many I actually accomplish! One of the goals was eat and since I am eating right now I guess that is one accomplished. Yay fat me!

Some of my other goals include:

Practicing/Studying more Japanese.

Writing my stories (current one is about 2/3 or so done and will come up on the blog in parts later).

Meeting up with fellow blogger(s) Iblessall and Sacae next month.

And that is actually about it for big things planned right now.

ANYWAY! Enough of my own digressions on with the post!


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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 9 Highlights

Another decent week of simulcastsĀ has passed us by as the season starts dwindling towards its end and the hyped summer shows are getting more attention from people. I may do a post in the coming up weeks to show what I am personally looking forward to seeing from the next season but as always there are only a handful I am aware of and I will at least try mostly everything that comes out.

Anyway… putting next season aside since we are still calmly going through this season let’s do this!

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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 8 Highlights

OK so originally I wasn’t going to do this post this week and instead was going to attempt some single episode posts. But after writing up most of a post for Kekkai Sensen I realized I didn’t like it and scrapped it. Much rather prefer to keep doing it like this where I give short thoughts on all the episodes I watched during the week. As for why the blog has been silent… well Witcher 3 is really eating up my soul and with it my free time… I have put time aside to still watch anime but pretty much the rest of my time is in that game, asleep, or writing short stories which I may or may not share here eventually.

ANYWAY! On to anime.


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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 7 Highlights

The spring season is still pounding along with quite a few great hits this season. But as with any season the further we get in the more some shows start showing that they lose their charm after a certain amount of time. Which means at this rate I might drop a couple more out of pure boredom of the show.

Yes I drop shows half way through the season if I get bored. I don’t care about being a completionist anymore, I want enjoyment not boredom for the last half of a show.

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Spring 2015 Anime Season Week 5 Highlights

I know the blog has been pretty silent lately. Besides other hobbies attacking my sanity and free time, seriously why did I have to start some creative writing NOW of all times, it is also my final month of this school semester… and let’s just say I am hanging on by a thread last time I checked (hoorah for being a horrid test taker). So I am using a lot of my free time now to study, cram, and work on homework and probably will be for the rest of this month. As such blog posts this month will be pretty sporadic probably and there probably will not be a lot of them.

So then let’s tie up this week and talk about some anime.

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Spring 2015 Anime Season, Week 3 Round-Up

So we are entering the fourth week here this season which means I should probably go over how things have fared so far since their premieres.

Also even though this season is leagues and bounds better than last season for me I do plan to keep the same format (except for maybe Ore Monogatari!) and instead of doing single episode write ups I will just take groups of shows, or a list of all the shows like I am about to do, and just give my thoughts on them, because that works better with my writing style.


Even though all my thoughts are bad and completely boring.

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Ore Monogatari!, Episode 2

While I am not quite sure yet if I will be writing aboutĀ Ore MonogatariĀ weekly. I can say that as of right now it still stands firmly planted as my #1 this season.

It feels like it has been awhile since I have done any sort of episode write-up so hopefully this post won’t suck.

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