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Ending a Mediocre Summer Season

Hello Everyone!

Today is Sunday and as far as I am aware (and for everything I am at least watching) nearly 99% of everything is done and over with. A few exceptions barring if they have 13 episodes but those seem to be few out of what I am personally watching and even from what aired this season.

Now I felt like actually writing today and if I just stuck with what I finished… well that would only be about four or five entries not including shorts.

So I thought: “Hey brilliant idea! Let’s talk about nearly everything I actually tried, including those I dropped and that are short, and see how that goes!”

Brilliant right? No probably not I know. I’m sure someone will tell me to go watch something I dropped or ask why I didn’t even watch certain shows (Symphogear) at all.

But it’s what I want to do and this is my blog so I can do it.

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week… Catch Up!

Good News, Everyone!

I have finally decided to come back to anime! I am honestly not sure which week it is, though I believe it is ten now, so I simply will call this week Catch Up since I haven’t posted since week seven.

Now I have, more or less, kept up with everything I was watching. I won’t lie there are a couple still behind but they are only behind by an episode or two right now and honestly may actually be watched by the time I finish up this post anyway.

So let’s get ready for some very poor talking about some mostly mediocre anime.

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Seven

Hello Everyone!

Almost actually chose not to do this post this week because after watching mostly everything (at the point of writing this at least) that I am currently watching I had honestly felt like all the shows I am watching are kind of just staying in the same boat and not going much of anywhere with my thoughts on them week to week barely changing.

You also may have noticed I am not leading off with the whole Wolfe: thing this week and that is because… well despite all my efforts I have yet to get Sacae to agree on catching up on more than one or two shows from the season. So shame on her for deciding to do the joint posts and then falling through on it!!

Maybe that is why I wanted to do this post… just to say that…


Anime stuff now!

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Six

Wolfe: G’Monday Everyone!

In the shadows I am actually working on a couple of other posts… but I am thoroughly distracting myself with new manga and games so… they may take a bit longer to come out than I originally planned for them to be out…

So… putting that aside for now I suppose we are now starting into the sixth week of this season and… well completely unsurprising I suppose is the fact that with so many shows I considered meh or only at a level of watchable but nothing really there… I am now down to only like 10 full length shows and 2 shorts.

Then there is Sacae… who has missed the last like 3 or so weeks… and I probably have not been putting enough pressure on her to get her to get back into this…

As such she has not shown up for this week as well and hopefully I can get her to do her catch up post that she keeps telling me she will do soon!


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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Four and Five

Wolfe: Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the blog being quiet… between my vacation, catching up on shows, playing Terraria, reading, and just being lazy in general nothing came up in form of writing for the blog itself.

So since I missed last weeks post I decided to combine the posts together for this week. Though as I said I am lazy so I won’t be making much of a difference in the post between the two weeks, just giving my general thoughts on the show over the two weeks.

Also I will apologize again as Sacae is apparently lazier than I and has only kept up with two shows over the last three weeks. Blaming some sort of reading or something. As such she said she will be passing again on this weeks post and will hopefully attempt to put out a separate post when she catches up.

Anyways! Let’s get started on these anime. I have noticed quite a few shows are disappearing or have disappeared to what I started out with. Going by ranking numbers alone I have dropped or set aside at least half of what I had started with and a good half of that is in a region where I would normally drop them probably but something amuses me or makes me stay barely.


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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Three

Wolfe: Well this was a heck of a week for most of my shows I have kept. I am also fairly sure my list is more or less final now at around 20 or so shows. I think it is actually 19, but whatever you get the point. I am doing some changes I guess to these posts.

First, sort of obvious but pointing out anyway, dropped shows will not show back up. That way there isn’t a list of 30+ shows and half of them say “This was shit and dropped.” This also extends to the rankings if me and Sacae throw those up. Only shows that were watched (and me personally I will be keeping carryover shows off of them as well).

Second, even though most if not all are being watched, shorts such as Okusama ga Seitokaichou, Wakaba Girl, etc will be excluded as well from the listings, primarily to save room, but not from the rankings.

And that is really it for changes I suppose. Though I do have one final message before I start the post.

Currently Sacae is on vacation for this week/coming up week [July 18th to July 25th] so she will miss this particular post. Meanwhile I will be on vacation meeting Sacae and fellow blogger Iblessall next weekend [July 24th to July 26th] and since most of my anime watching is conducted on the weekend, I may end up missing next weeks post but that is currently up in the air.

SO! With all of that out of the way let us begin with Week Three of our Summer Simulcast thoughts!

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Two [Part 二]

Wolfe- Onto part two of our weekly tastes in simulcasts!

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Summer 2015 Anime, Week Two [Part 一]

Wolfe- Our second week of Summer anime has begun and with this week nearly everything has aired now except for I believe Kaleid Illya, which is set to air in two weeks I believe, so this should be it from now on! More or less at least…

As was mentioned in the last blog post this is Sacae and I attempting at having joint blog posts done for this seasons simulcasts. Now as to why that was the last blog post even though it was a week ago… well I mentioned somewhere on Twitter that between writing, an odd sleep pattern going on right now, and me being fat… well I just have not gotten around to really doing anything else. Though I do have some things planned to be put up on the blog soon, including but not limited to more of my writing, so look forward to that.

Due to ending up liking and watching way more than originally planned (I think…) we decided to split the post in half(ish) until there are enough cuts to go back to one post or until the end of the season!

Sacae’s Note: Guys, Wolfie is turning Yandere on me.


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Summer Anime 2015 First Episode Impressions

Good News, Everyone!

You are now reading this in the voice of either Professor Farnsworth from Futurama or Professor Putricide from World of Warcraft. But putting that aside for now it is the start of the Summer Anime season and of course that means we need some First Episode Impressions!

Yes I do realize this is technically late. But that is because this will be a bit different from the usual.

This season Sacae and I decided we are going to attempt to work together on the weekly episode impressions and see how we fare. This may just end up being a seasonal thing or mattering how we like it, it could possibly become something we do from now on. (Sacae’s Note: I’m only doing seven shows, so Wolfie is a lone wolf in some places.)

So let’s enjoy our summer anime!

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Looking Forward Towards Some Summer (Anime) Fun

So other than the potential “date” to meet fellow bloggers Iblessall and Sacae next month that has me hyped as well as practically having an anxiety attack the other thing to look forward towards this Summer is obviously anime. Now while the Winter season was dreadful this Spring season has been fairly good with a couple of shows even looking at entering my Top Anime list (yes I am that easily swayed) and looking ahead to the Summer I got to say it looks like some gold is coming down the pipe for this coming season.

Let’s get this hype train rolling shall we? Personally quite a bit this coming season looks interesting so prepare for a possible long post here.

(Will be using anichart as per usual)


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