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The End of the 2015 Winter Anime Season

First I would like to start out this post saying I am using Twitter now, at least more than just as a plug for my blog posts. Essentially I will be using it to put out random thoughts of mine while watching shows or playing games. So if you are ever curious or bored… you can look for me at my account there… or to the convenient feed on the sidebar. Yay more reasons to laugh at me, as if I didn’t give you enough of course!!

Secondly will be me detailing my thoughts of the end of this anime season. Which has been apparently bad given I consider so many dropped already and what I didn’t drop I have been fairly behind on most of the shows by a good two to five weeks at least. Past that there are shows I put aside so I could watch them all at the end of the season that I will have to get on top of as well.

So let’s wrap up this season and look forward to the next season!

Unrelated picture because I can.

Unrelated picture because I can.

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Winter 2015 Season, Episode 5 Impressions (に)

Honestly I debated putting in this post. A lot of what I watched after the first post could be simplified as ‘Still _____’ where the blank is filled in by one or two words. I also admit I didn’t finish everything up this week as I spent more time in Minecraft or doing homework than I did watching anime and of course when I was actually watching anime, it was something completely unrelated to this season. I may put the catch up stuff in the next post(s) or I may not who knows?

Anyway on with the post!


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Winter 2015 Season, Episode 5 Impressions (Ein)

This post will be slightly short today because all this post and following few shows are simply me giving myself a break from my homework. Will probably finish the week up Sunday night like before, but will also probably omit a few shows, not because I am not watching but just because there isn’t much to talk about.

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Winter 2015 Season, Episode 4 Impressions {Zwei}

As promised this is my second impressions post for the 4th episodes. I think I will keep this format for the rest of the season, and it may even carry over into the next season(s). It is kind of easier on me and I believe it does better on delivering my thoughts on the episode overall rather than me doing those lengthy posts over one episode that really just repeat what happened the episode.

Now of course Spring is stacked with amazing hyped shows already so I might throw out some of those lengthy posts because… well they might just be needed.

Anyway I am rambling enough now and I need to enjoy my honey butter biscuits while I watch these shows, even though by the time this post goes up… I will probably be enjoying lunch because a couple of them still need to air today, so let’s do this!


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Winter 2015 Season, Episode 4 Impressions (Ein)

So little behind schedule mainly due to pure out laziness and not wanting to take the whole like less than five minutes it takes to set up a post for me to start typing and to start an episode of anime.

But because of that I now have like half of my shows I am actually keeping up with this season backlogged again for a week. Which assuming I am watching all the ones I was caught up on that puts me at like 14 shows I think. With 2 I am behind on by more than just an episode (or two). Luckily though it kind of works out to make the posts kind of the same length.

Anyway what I will probably be doing for the rest of the season anime wise is what I have been doing but split up into two posts. Shows Monday through Thursday or Friday will be on one post, the other post will take up the shows that air from Friday if I missed any in the first post to Sunday.

Adding in the general skip a show or two and what I am currently watching right now I expect this to be about 5 or 6 little thoughts of mine per show. Nothing terribly too fancy given this season be fairly lackluster for me. Hopefully here soon I will find something else I can do on the blog.


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Winter 2015 Season, Third Episode Summaries

Honestly I am still debating internally what to do this season.

One part of me wants to just pick and choose random shows and do my usual long episode write ups, even though I feel like I need to change how I write those because all I am really doing is saying what happened with a few lines of monologue, the good part being that when I do this it is usually a show from the day I write the post so it is out quicker.

Another part of me just wants to do what I am doing in this post where I just shoot out quick summaries of how I felt about the episode overall, which I think is slightly better because the way I have written them so far usually avoids major spoilers and just gives my feelings over the particular episode rather than spoiling everything out from the episode, the bad thing though is with this I tend to do a whole weeks worth of anime in one post and that means it tends to be quite a while after some of the episodes have aired.

Yet another part wants me to figure out a way to somehow do both, maybe with a few medium to long summaries and the rest being short quips. This though would still have the problem of most of the episodes having aired days before unless I maybe split it up into 2 or 3 posts, which would cut the size of the post to only a few hundred words probably… but I would have most shows talked about the day of or only a few days after the air date.

Either way though this season is fairly lackluster with only I think 13 or so shows I am actively watching and 2 of those are near the dropping point and may be dropped today mattering how their episode goes.

One nice thing about that though is it lets me focus on me getting back into school as well as opens up paths for me to blog about other things such as gaming or reading. Also the blog is fairly young still so it isn’t exactly insane that I am still trying to figure out how I want to do things.


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Isuca, Episode 1

So this is a rare case in the season of it has a late start, most shows have already aired or will be airing their 3rd episode this last week/weekend, AND it is even the rarer case of I have actually read some of the manga before the series had started, given it has been awhile since I even looked at the manga…

In other news this might be my only post this weekend because I have a list of things I need to do and honestly the longer I put them off by watching anime the worse it will be for me later on. Also some people have told me they actually like the format of the quick summaries of episodes rather than these full length ones I do… so… I might just do that every week or two instead and find other things to post about.

Anyways on with the show!


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Winter 2015 Season, Second Episode Round-up 2

As I said I would in my post last night, this is going to be the second post over the second episodes that I missed while spending time in the hospital. I decided to add Yatterman Night to the roster and two shows are now near the dropping point for this season.

So lets get going shall we?


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Absolute Duo, Episode 3

So this is my first episode write up of this season and I still believe I am not good at this at all! But people read it so I guess it is alright. Tomorrow I will put up another post with a bunch of the 2nd episodes that I missed while they piled up. From here on out I will do my usual random grabbing of shows and doing episode write ups.


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Winter 2015 Season, Second Episode Round-up

I ran into a bit of a complication on Wednesday and ended up spending the rest of the week up to late last night at the hospital watching over my sister and will be returning there later today. Also I have not yet quite decided what shows I want to even talk about this season. Mostly because while there is only a couple shows I am dropping so far, most are decent enough to keep, but not interesting enough to catch my attention to talk about it seems.

Anyway, because the episodes this week piled up with me being out of the house, I decided I would just throw some quick sentences out there of each show I watched with my thoughts on it.


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