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Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, The Fall of Fall 2016 Anime

Hello Everyone, and a Happy New Years to you all.

Marking my first post of 2017 and wrapping up the seasonal anime it is easy to see this season failed spectacularly for me.

It was sort of expected honestly with so little I was looking forward to seeing as well as having school and an increased workload I just didn’t find the time to even enjoy the shows.

Anyway time to wrap up Fall anime and prepare myself for a whole lot of good things coming from the Winter season.


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Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, Mid-Season Lull

Well… it was expected that between school and work I wasn’t going to have much time to blog but I wasn’t personally expecting it to be over a week of nothing. Work hasn’t even gotten busy yet either!

Anyway I was going to do a manga post but I dislike doing the same post twice in a row so I am going to wing it and talk about anime instead. I say wing it of course because… well I feel like I am behind on everything and due to a lackluster season I seem to be dropping more shows at the season goes on.

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Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, Week 3

Hello everyone!

So this season seems to be all around bland/boring/whatever except for maybe a handful of people I have talked to. I don’t think that many people have gone over watching ten shows with most saying the three to six range.

I myself settled on thirteen it seems though I think four of them are shorts and like three more shows I could drop and probably not miss what so ever. So this post will just be my thoughts up to now rather than any specific episodes for the season.


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Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, Week 1

Hello Everyone!

So if you follow me on Twitter where I obviously talk too much you probably picked up on the fact I am taking it easy this Fall. Putting most shows ‘On Hold’ or not even planning to start them at all. Pretty much for a show to stay on my ‘Currently Watching’ list on MAL it really has to wow me in some form or fashion.

At the moment my list is fairly small with only eight shows on it right now and only one more I plan to add unless the first episode disappoints which I doubt it will. But I have watched a fair amount of what has aired so I will possibly also discuss them briefly. Now let’s get this going!


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Relaxing Ending to Summer Anime

Hello Everyone!

So if you have kept up with my few Summer posts this season it is painfully obvious that the season ended… well overall badly I guess thought what I did like was glorious. Of course if you look into the past of me blogging and the anime seasons most seasons seemed to have ended on a low note overall.

Which either means I have too much hope each season and am let down or I really need to lower my expectations of what I am watching…

Anyway!! Let’s wrap up this seasons shows.

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Going Slow for Fall 2016

Hello Everyone!

So yet another anime season is upon us but yet very little has caught my eye. What I do watch outside of school and job hunting will probably mostly end up being binge watching of shows from previous seasons with very little in the way of new shows being added.

I’ve checked, double checked, and even triple checked the list of Fall shows and really… I think there is less than ten shows I am even planning on trying and that includes the 2nd(+) seasons of shows.

Now unlike previous seasons where I tried everything and then dwindled it down to what I enjoyed I think I will just start small and keep my ear towards Twitter and various other sources to see how certain shows are doing and whether I will pick them up or not.

So here is just a couple of the shows that have caught my eye for next season.

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Summer 2016 Anime, Week 11

Hello Everyone!

I got a break earlier in the day than I expected so I decided I would push this out now rather than tonight. Things have been busy with my mom back in the hospital and me on my third paper already for school (this being why I will be busy for the next two weeks probably).

Anime took kind of a back burner partially due to being busy as well as the fact that… really not much was changing week to week I guess?  At least not with the way I was writing and I am thinking of changing that up soonish… maybe…

Expect another post this weekend or early next week for what I plan to watch from Fall.

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Summer 2016 Anime, Week 8

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I had an anime post but that is primarily because I have hit the point of slacking off with the season. Well… sort of. I mean there are a couple of shows I am slacking off on and of course I dropped or put on hold like 2/3 of what I started this season but everything else I am keeping up with are those type of shows that going week to week not much changes.

Anyway on with the post!

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Summer 2016 Anime, Mid-Season Round Up

Hello Everyone!

Sorry about the random disappearing act had various things crop up now that I decided to return to school and it seemed everything came up all at once.

But enough about my real life let’s get straight into the post:


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Summer 2016 Anime, Week.. 3? 4?

Hello Everyone!

I am not sure what happened with my week it seemed to be over before I knew where it went.

Also I have no idea what week it is for anime anymore. Did we just finish week 3? Week 4? It isn’t week 5 yet cause nothing is on its 5th episode… Hell I dunno right now.

Anyway let’s get something on the blog!


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