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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, The End is Nigh

Hello Everyone!

Sadly with how things have gone a good portion of my season went to the wayside without me realizing it. Now this isn’t me coming up with excuses and dropping shows it is just me saying that when I get the time… probably next week… I will catch up on the shows that I have fallen behind on.

The worse part really is of the shows that didn’t fall behind they are of the type of shows, that I generally love of course, that do not really change week to week. The first week is barely distinguishable from the ninth week other than you may like certain characters more or less really.

Anyway on with the shows!


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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, Mid Season Madness

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for the quietness I fell behind on some things and sort of ignored some others… one of them being the blog.

The last time I talked anime I said I was going to catch up… or rather start… some other shows to cover in holes left by ones I dropped but I only got to one of the three I believe I wanted to start… yeah not a major post really today.


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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, Week Four Cleanse

Hello Everyone!

We are now entering the fourth week of the season which means for me that some shows have been dropped after not making it past my ‘three episode’ rule/stipulation/whatever.

As such… my list is now significantly smaller and… by the next post I will have maybe some new stuff as I want to try a couple of other shows and with shows leaving my list I have the space to work them in.

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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, Second Week Shenanigans

Hello everyone and welcome to week two of our seasonal anime.

Not too much to talk about here though I will mention I start school again here soon so I will have to see how the blog survives me working and being in school again. I say this because the blog slowed down significantly it seemed to me at the end of the last year with me doing that.

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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, First Episode Impressions: Part Two

You thought we were finished today?

Well, you thought wrong!

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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, First Episode Impressions

Hello Everyone!

So the new anime season is kicking off now and so far it is doing fairly well.

Without too much talking here in the first bit let’s get straight into the shows.

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Full Throttle in Winter 2017

So anyone who keeps up with the blog (not sure if there are many of you) would know that Fall 2016 kinda failed hard for me. Including even the anticipation post I only have four posts so far and I am only predicting one more maybe next week or the week after. It isn’t too surprising really, I only predicted four or five to be interested in and only ended up with like six up to the end here.

But next season… wow it is looking packed and that is just of ones that catch my eye or are adaptations of something I enjoy. So let’s try and forget this completely lackluster season and look forward to some interesting things!

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