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Manga Ramblings **REMOVED + ANNOUNCEMENT**


Well this is a first… I have had in the past people complain about spoilers of a post over time, but never more than two.

In the two hours since I released this post though I ended up with seven complaints about spoilers, specifically to that of BokuHero so I just decided I would remove the content of the post.

While on one hand this is my blog and I prefer posting what I like to post I also do not like receiving multiple complaints on something I post.

Manga Ramblings crosses across a very thin line of what people find acceptable from being spoiled I realize this and I have posted a warning on every post since roughly around the fourth or fifth Manga Ramblings post.

But the amount of complaints to this post just dwarfed the amount I have received before and I am just not in the mood to do deal with complaints.

What this means for Manga Ramblings is one of three things.

One: I will stop talking about major manga releases, primarily those from Weekly Shonen Jump, and only talk about some of my more obscure titles. This clearly limits what I can talk about since what is and isn’t considered major and obscure gets brought up… so…

Two: I will create some sort of header image that I will try to force into always showing up before everything that contains my warning inside of my posts. I will also put the warning up at the top as well as where it currently is. If three warnings isn’t enough and I still receive complaints…

Three: I will stop Manga Ramblings posts entirely. What this means though is likely I will just shut down the entire blog because at the moment Manga Ramblings is about all I have to talk about until probably the end of the year if not a little bit longer.

So while I debate over what I actually do I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.

Two Years of Rambling

Hello Everyone.

Today is a sort of special date I suppose as it marks my first blog post two years ago. It’s been an interesting journey because during that time quite a bit happened for me.

I got so sick I ended up failing school during that time and just recently returned after my academic probation finished. Last year in November I started a novel that is, sadly, still being worked on. I have put out nearly two hundred and fifty posts onto the blog ranging from things happening in my life to what anime shows I am watching for a season.

A few times I have worked with others over blog posts and even had someone work with me on my blog for a short while. Recently I have noticed a slight… dissonance I suppose… in writing on the blog. I don’t want to quit writing on it, I enjoy it, but there are times I feel like my blog isn’t actually looked at and is more just getting random hits from various sources of the net for whatever reason.

This of course kind of brings me down as a writer thinking no one really reads what I write but occasionally I get those comments about something I wrote and it just kind of makes things better I guess. Anyway you won’t be losing me anytime soon but I just felt like throwing out a bit of a thank you to my readers for helping me make it this far already.

Rambling Announcements

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick announcement post today for those following the blog that do not follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, etc or maybe missed me talking about it but, a few things will be changing around for me.

First, and this is set in stone, is I am going back to school. Short of failing again somehow I will be out of the house at least a few hours each day to focus on that. So while not a big impact really it may be enough to alter how many posts get out because I will have to allocate time to doing only certain things out of school.

It shouldn’t be too bad starting up when I start in four days as it is only one class for now at one hour every other day. Add in maybe another hour or two each day so I can stay at the library to focus on homework and maybe add in some time to work on that novel of mine. I believe in the plan I set up I don’t have more than 2 or 3 classes each semester because a lot of them are semester specific classes that have requirements before it. So other than summer where I don’t take classes I will have this sort of schedule for the next few years.

Secondly, I have an interview coming up tomorrow. Obviously an interview doesn’t mean I have a job or anything but in the hopes that I do get the job that will add in whatever hours I need to work to block out more time from games, anime, and manga/LNs. Now I am sure I will only get a part-time position at GameStop, where the interview is, but even then that added on with school will obviously cut into my hours to do things.

I have no intention to let the blog die one way or another but posts may become more sporadic than I usually let them. So don’t be surprised if suddenly there is a couple weeks between posts because since blogging is just a hobby for me obviously school and work will come first.

The Future of My Blog (Posts) Preview!

Hello Everyone!

I honestly really wanted to have a couple of posts after my last one. But things kind of screeched to a halt for me in… well just about everything.

Gaming wise I acquired Farcry 4 so that ate up some of my time but for the most part I got hit hard by either allergies or a cold, not entirely sure which at this point, and for a couple of days I was literally in bed sleeping and that was about it. The last couple of days consisted of me sleeping or groggily under a haze of various drugs while attempting to read Log Horizon or playing various games.

Of course as such today is really the first day I am getting back on my feet, even though I can’t breath through my nose at all, and that means that I have yet to really work on any sort of post(s) yet.

So what I thought I would try out here is give little previews towards posts I am currently working on as well as what will probably be me shooting myself in the foot by giving windows of when to expect their full posts to be out.

I will warn that this post ended up a lot longer than I anticipated actually. 
But still gives a decent preview of what I hope to work on for the upcoming months. 
Also it is warned as rambling. So expect rambling.

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A Computer-less Wednesday

So today I don’t actually have a computer. Not because it is fried or anything like that. It’s because it has been taken hostage by tiny 10 year old demons whom I for some reason can never say no to. Ah the pains of being a softie.
Putting that aside though I thought I would still attempt to put up a blog post today, at least the best I can from my phone.

So who knows how good that will be.


This image brought to you by my phones wallpaper.

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Rambling Updates!

Wolfe here. I disappeared again as if that wasn’t already plainly obvious. School decided to throw everything at me in the last week before spring break and once again further makes me realize I can never do full schedule in school again if only two classes can keep me this busy.

Putting that aside though it is spring break for me! Yay!

This post isn’t going to be anything really other than to kind of put out there what I have planned for this week and up to the next season of anime. Sadly I am not going anywhere, unlike Sacae who is travelling this week, so my week will be spent inside doing what I do best. Getting fatter and lazier while playing games and watching TV. So if you are at all curious as to what may show up this week on the blog, as well as some simple plans of what I will be doing from here on out, read on ahead!

If you don’t care at all… thanks for the extra view count number?

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Welcome to the Madness, Sacae!

Today’s post is an announcement!

Starting today I am going to run a bit of an experiment with a friend, Sacae. She will be joining me here on my blog as another Author/Poster. Her focus will be on many things related to books such as her thoughts on them, reviews over things she is reading, and other such things like that. I will leave it to her and her introduction post to explain things in more detail as she sees fit.

Now because Sacae is shy and very nervous she wants me to make sure to tell you all that it may be a few days before she posts anything as she does some breathing exercises to calm down and so she can collect her thoughts. We also have a few things to work out probably to make sure there are no problems with her posting.

Anyway! Welcome to the blog Sacae, everyone be nice to her!


2014 in Review

So since WordPress did this nifty little review I decided I would go ahead and post it. It is interesting to see that in just 3 months what my blog has done and how many have seen it because honestly it is a lot more than I thought I would have done. I did not expect to last 1 month much less three, I never expected to be in the thousands of visitors, and I most definitely did not expect people to actually comment on anything.

Thank you everyone for reading and enjoying the blog!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 45 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Regretting Decisions Made, Celestial Method

So this post is going to probably be slightly short, as really it is just me ranting, though I will also be talking a bit about Celestial Method and maybe a couple other shows. But I hope someone out there reads the rant I make. I am sure someone will at least.

In other news apparently a lot of people like short stories because my story I put up yesterday not only netted me the most new followers on one day but it also gave me my most liked post. So I may do that more often than I thought since it seems to interest people.

The only redeeming factor of Celestial Method, Noel.

The only redeeming factor of Celestial Method, Noel.

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Comparisons – Anime versus Source Material

So after a conversation with another Crunchyroll user last night I was given the idea of the blog post I wanted to write today. I decided I would ramble on about comparing anime to its source material counterpart(s), or vice verse, and how it effects our viewing of either one. Obviously this is all my opinion and some of it could just be things I see rather than what everyone will see as a whole.

Time to get this interesting idea on the road!


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