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Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V7

Hello everyone and welcome to light novel hell!

Er… I mean another volume of Danmachi.

I finished this one just in time as the 8th volume is about to drop down on us but I have been slacking off in my reading as is per usual because it took me like a full month and a half to read this volume. Though it was fairly large in size compared to previous volumes. But that means it will take me longer to read the rest of my stuff now…

Anyway on with the story!


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Tackling the Tower of Books; Death March

Hello Everyone!

I must apologize for the blog being so silent. At first it was because I just didn’t really have anything to post, then it turned into not being in the mood to post, and finished up with not having the time to post.

I still honestly can’t say I have the time… I work every single day up to next Tuesday and it is also midterm week this week so yeah that is going to be fun…

Anyway! New addition to the tower of books, which I admit I am using more as a name for this series of posts rather than any actual tower of books anymore, this time around it is Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody.


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Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V6

Hello Everyone and welcome to another Danmachi Light Novel post!

I’m slacking off on my other series or maybe I just want to catch up with Danmachi, I am not sure. So now I am working on Volume 7 which is, as of right now to my knowledge) the last volume out currently.

Anyway this is it! We are finally out of what knowledge the anime provides and anything after this volume is what one could say is a spoiler if your knowledge relies on the anime. I’m honestly tired already of having to slap warnings of spoilers on my manga posts so I am not doing them here. Besides anyone who has read any of these posts before know I essentially spoil the entire book!

Which… is probably bad… anyway! On with the post which I apologize may feel rushed due to some things currently going on around me.


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Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V5

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another novel post.

I’ll admit I am surprised I got myself to do this. If you follow me over on Twitter you might have noticed last couple of days I was fairly apathetic towards the blog for whatever reason which of course caused the blog to go silent for a couple days longer than I originally intended trying to come back into the new year.

So while I work through what else I want to post I thought I would go ahead and tackle down another book from my metaphorical tower of books. I decided to go with Danmachi again as I may need to reread Devil is a Part-Timer to learn where I was, I still need to finish reading Overlord 2 (though I could do V1 as I haven’t done that post yet), and ReZero v2, ShieldBro v3-5, as well as Log Horizon v3+, Spice and Wolf v2+, and god knows how much of SAO all remain untouched as far as I can remember.

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Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V4

Hello Everyone!

So on my last post I said I was reading Devil is a Part-Timer and I guess you could say I still am? I’m not sure which volume exactly I was reading when I last said that and I have gone through quite a few light novels over the last couple of months since my last post.

While I figure out where I am on that I decided since I just recently was reading through Danmachi that I would go ahead and tackle it off.


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Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V3

Hello Everyone!

Today I will tackle another book out. Sadly it technically isn’t a “tower” anymore as I needed the desk space back. So all my books are back in my bookcases but I have a list of what I still need to get done. But I did like the name so I am keeping it.

I also realized at the rate I am currently reading these I won’t be finished for over a year… and that is if I buy no more books.. so I need to start getting through two or three of them a month instead.


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Tackling the Tower of Books; Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World V1

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to throw out another book from my tower of books sitting beside me even though that tower has increased in height rather than lose much in height…


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Tackling the Tower of Books; The Rising of the Shield Hero V1

Hello Everyone!

Some may have noticed over on Twitter that I posted a picture of my current tower of unread books, and not even all of them were shown, so I am giving myself a little project of writing about the books I finish here on the blog just to kind of talk about them and give my thoughts I suppose.

I don’t really have a process for how I am going to go through all of these books and I may even talk about the books that I have already read as well I am not sure yet.

Obviously for some twenty books (as pictured) isn’t much of a challenge to get through but lately my reading has been awful as I seem to get easily distracted after only ten to thirty minutes of reading anything.


Today shall be the first post of this and I will be tackling it from the top for now and that is starting off with The Rising of the Shield Hero aka Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari first volume.

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Devils, Heroes, and Video Games

OK so that title may be confusing. I’m sorry. Not really.

Anyway! Since my plans to visit family in Texas has backfired thanks to the tenuous relationship Mother Nature and the Midwest has I decided I should do something of a blog post today.

So today I will be doing a very light review of three Light Novels I own. I say a ‘light review’ because I have not finished any of the three yet, so really I probably shouldn’t be talking about them yet. But I still want to do a blog post about em. GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!


So let’s just consider this a post saying what I am currently reading and whether or not I suggest you should read them.

Up first!

The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer

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The Belgariad (Part 1): Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician’s Gambit

I know I should focus on all my school stuff, my anime, and many many other things right now. But of course because of my random moods that happen where I randomly want to draw for an entire day or week, or do nothing but gaming for a week or two, or in this case start reading a 10 book series I am obviously not focusing on anything other than laying on my couch reading.

But even I need breaks and I decided what I would do is write a sort of blog post like Sacae does when she does her posts about books. Though probably not as good and a lot more awfully constructed because I am a horribly human being with poor skills at making things cohesively good. So on with the post!

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