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Creative Writing – Poem

Hello Everyone.

Fairly simple and quick blog post going up today as I am in the middle of creative hell as I am attempting to write like six poems over the next two weeks rather than four because I forgot our Poem Collection was due before spring break not after.

Today will just be one of my entries into the collection. Feel free to critique, bash, tell me my mom is a weirdo, whatever you want really. Read the rest of this entry

Excerpt: NaNoWriMo 2016

So as I mentioned I did decide to take part in NaNoWriMo again this year.

Sorry my dear editor Jamie but, I did choose to go for a new story this year (I SWEAR I WILL FINISH THE ONE FROM LAST YEAR).

Anyway I couldn’t think of anything else to post tonight and the blog has been silent all week so I thought I would throw out a fairly small excerpt from what I am currently writing to give a taste of the idea I am trying out this year.

I haven’t quite gotten an idea for a title yet and totally admit it feels way too wordy (but at the same time needed) so hopefully I will have the time to tackle that after I finish (unless this one also turns into like last years and still gets worked on a year later…)

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‘Betrayal’ Full Story

As promised last weekend here is the full story I have thrown out over the last few blog posts all in one nice giant post for those who want to read it in one go.

Thank you for anyone who read through the parts and/or this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Read the rest of this entry

‘Betrayal’ Part Five

It’s story time! I hope some people are actually enjoying this. But even if no one actually is I enjoyed writing it. So that counts right?

Anyway here is the finale of my story with part five!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four Read the rest of this entry

‘Betrayal’ Part Four

Rolling right along with my story that I am sure is not nearly as good as I like to think it is here comes the fourth part!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three Read the rest of this entry

‘Betrayal’ Part Three

I really have no idea if anyone is really reading these… or if maybe people are just waiting until I put it all out there… well at least my stats say about 8 people have at least viewed the pages that this thing is spanning over!

Plan is currently:

Release Part Four tomorrow.

Part Five probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then I will put all Five of the Parts into one post sometime next weekend for those who want one giant go at reading it instead.

Also decided to give links to previous Parts!

Part One is here.

Part Two is here.

Anyway!!! Enjoy part three!

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‘Betrayal’ Part Two

I have finished!

My story is finally complete and sits at a staggering (to me at least) 19,557 words. Add in the fact that it talks about my previous story and is going to set itself up to have another story I am working on a pretty decent thing going on here I think. Maybe eventually I will make it all good and stuff.

Hah yeah that isn’t happening is it?

Anyway! Here is another part of my story. I don’t want to put it up all at once mostly to avoid staggeringly large wall of text really. Also it “may” provide some hype? Sort of like having to wait a week for a cliffhanger anime ending episode?

Enjoy the read!

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‘Betrayal’ Part One

So for anyone who follows me on Twitter or takes a gander on the side panel where my feed is shown there you may have noticed for the last… oh week or two at least… I have been talking about how I have been writing still since my last story I wrote and posted here.

This third fantasy story of mine is ending up significantly bigger than my other two stories so far being the size of the other two combined and still not done. So I decided instead of having people read a 13k+ word story that I will instead put it up in parts spread out over maybe a week or two of being posted. On one hand it gives anyone wanting to read it an idea of what I am currently writing and on the other it spreads it out enough that I can hopefully finish it up in a reasonable time.

Yes I know I could just wait until I had it completely done… but I feel like I wouldn’t be posting anything on the blog other than the occasional thoughts of bad taste in anime every week… and I want to have more than that showing up. So… DEAL WITH IT!

Enjoy Part One of my next story Betrayal:

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Old Writing Tidbits – Part 5 (Final for now)

Last part, back to pre-2007.

Just some old writing, unedited (recently at least) and raw from a writing pack rat.

Next week I’m going to do some episode 1 reviews. (Hopefully)

The logic in this story is painful, real bad logic.

Part 5: Johnny Boy

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Old Writing Tidbits – Part 4

Part 4 of old writings.

And I lied in my first post. This would be 2010. From a creative writing class, assignment a poem. I didn’t do poems much anymore till this.

This one has a small funny story behind it, and is the poem.

I’ll show the poem first, and then tell the small funny story behind it.

Part 4: Awake the World

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