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Launching into Spring 2017, Third Week… Purge?

Hello Everyone!

Generally as it works in any season I give that good ol’ “three episode trial” and if it doesn’t hook me I drop it.

Well I usually end up with almost half a season dropped through this either due to lack of interest or lack of time to accomplish but this time around… well not much has joined what has already been dropped, in fact I only put a couple shows on hold I didn’t even drop them, and that means I am still looking at somewhere around twenty shows still this season.


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Tales of Anime: Baka to Test

Hello Everyone!

My fever has more or less broke and I thought I would try my hand at a new series of posts. I don’t really have a plan for these posts right now and of course I don’t follow any sort of schedule for anything so it will just intermingle with the rest every now and again.

So the idea is I will randomly choose shows I have watched over the years and… kind of give my thoughts on them I suppose. Nothing overtly fancy, detailed, or even really specific.

I’m going to start out with what I would consider my #1 anime only in the large sense that it is the first anime I watched when I started binge watching anime back in 2012. So starting off these posts shall be Baka to Test.


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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, Mid Season Madness

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for the quietness I fell behind on some things and sort of ignored some others… one of them being the blog.

The last time I talked anime I said I was going to catch up… or rather start… some other shows to cover in holes left by ones I dropped but I only got to one of the three I believe I wanted to start… yeah not a major post really today.


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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, Week Four Cleanse

Hello Everyone!

We are now entering the fourth week of the season which means for me that some shows have been dropped after not making it past my ‘three episode’ rule/stipulation/whatever.

As such… my list is now significantly smaller and… by the next post I will have maybe some new stuff as I want to try a couple of other shows and with shows leaving my list I have the space to work them in.

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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, First Episode Impressions: Part Two

You thought we were finished today?

Well, you thought wrong!

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Full Throttle in Winter 2017, First Episode Impressions

Hello Everyone!

So the new anime season is kicking off now and so far it is doing fairly well.

Without too much talking here in the first bit let’s get straight into the shows.

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Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, The Fall of Fall 2016 Anime

Hello Everyone, and a Happy New Years to you all.

Marking my first post of 2017 and wrapping up the seasonal anime it is easy to see this season failed spectacularly for me.

It was sort of expected honestly with so little I was looking forward to seeing as well as having school and an increased workload I just didn’t find the time to even enjoy the shows.

Anyway time to wrap up Fall anime and prepare myself for a whole lot of good things coming from the Winter season.


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Full Throttle in Winter 2017

So anyone who keeps up with the blog (not sure if there are many of you) would know that Fall 2016 kinda failed hard for me. Including even the anticipation post I only have four posts so far and I am only predicting one more maybe next week or the week after. It isn’t too surprising really, I only predicted four or five to be interested in and only ended up with like six up to the end here.

But next season… wow it is looking packed and that is just of ones that catch my eye or are adaptations of something I enjoy. So let’s try and forget this completely lackluster season and look forward to some interesting things!

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Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, Mid-Season Lull

Well… it was expected that between school and work I wasn’t going to have much time to blog but I wasn’t personally expecting it to be over a week of nothing. Work hasn’t even gotten busy yet either!

Anyway I was going to do a manga post but I dislike doing the same post twice in a row so I am going to wing it and talk about anime instead. I say wing it of course because… well I feel like I am behind on everything and due to a lackluster season I seem to be dropping more shows at the season goes on.

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Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, Week 3

Hello everyone!

So this season seems to be all around bland/boring/whatever except for maybe a handful of people I have talked to. I don’t think that many people have gone over watching ten shows with most saying the three to six range.

I myself settled on thirteen it seems though I think four of them are shorts and like three more shows I could drop and probably not miss what so ever. So this post will just be my thoughts up to now rather than any specific episodes for the season.


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