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Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V7

Hello everyone and welcome to light novel hell!

Er… I mean another volume of Danmachi.

I finished this one just in time as the 8th volume is about to drop down on us but I have been slacking off in my reading as is per usual because it took me like a full month and a half to read this volume. Though it was fairly large in size compared to previous volumes. But that means it will take me longer to read the rest of my stuff now…

Anyway on with the story!


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The Future of My Blog (Posts) Preview!

Hello Everyone!

I honestly really wanted to have a couple of posts after my last one. But things kind of screeched to a halt for me in… well just about everything.

Gaming wise I acquired Farcry 4 so that ate up some of my time but for the most part I got hit hard by either allergies or a cold, not entirely sure which at this point, and for a couple of days I was literally in bed sleeping and that was about it. The last couple of days consisted of me sleeping or groggily under a haze of various drugs while attempting to read Log Horizon or playing various games.

Of course as such today is really the first day I am getting back on my feet, even though I can’t breath through my nose at all, and that means that I have yet to really work on any sort of post(s) yet.

So what I thought I would try out here is give little previews towards posts I am currently working on as well as what will probably be me shooting myself in the foot by giving windows of when to expect their full posts to be out.

I will warn that this post ended up a lot longer than I anticipated actually. 
But still gives a decent preview of what I hope to work on for the upcoming months. 
Also it is warned as rambling. So expect rambling.

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The Belgariad (Part 1): Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician’s Gambit

I know I should focus on all my school stuff, my anime, and many many other things right now. But of course because of my random moods that happen where I randomly want to draw for an entire day or week, or do nothing but gaming for a week or two, or in this case start reading a 10 book series I am obviously not focusing on anything other than laying on my couch reading.

But even I need breaks and I decided what I would do is write a sort of blog post like Sacae does when she does her posts about books. Though probably not as good and a lot more awfully constructed because I am a horribly human being with poor skills at making things cohesively good. So on with the post!

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Reader’s Madness: Radiant: The Towers Trilogy

I’m going to be talking about Radiant: The Towers Trilogy by Karina Sumner-Smith. Radiant is the first and only book out of the trilogy at the moment, with the next slated for May.

(Radiant) is greatly out of my normal reading comfort zone. As I’ve said on the blog before, I’m strictly fantasy. I’m going to have trouble talking about it a tad, not sure of the right terms mostly. Also I’m not verse on the genre, so my view may not be the best. So forgive me if I stumble in talking about it. BUT, because I’ve read it and enjoyed it so much – excited for the next one, it did something special surely to break into my comfort zone.

Anyways, let’s talk about it.

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Reader’s Madness: Small Background Details (The Amra Thetys Chronicles)

I know I promised my first book review for Friday. But, as I warned, I have a number of distractions. Funnily enough this one being reading books itself. So here is a post and story about a recent book series I read through. I read the first and second book of this series awhile ago. Recently the third book came out and I decided to re-read the first two and then go right into the third. This was made easy by the fact an omnibus edition came out with all three books in one ebook. So I read it as one larger book in one go.

The series is known as the The Amra Thetys Chronicles. The three books currently out for it are: The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids, The Thief Who Spat in Luck’s Good Eye, and The Thief Who Knocked on Sorrow’s Gate. Now personally just the titles interested me enough to read them. (For anyone interested, the first book is free in most e-book stores) So, let’s talk about them.

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Reader’s Madness: What do I read?

This is akin to another part of introducing this series of posts called Reader’s Madness. Last time I gave an overview of what kind of posts there will be, today I will give you an idea on what kind of books I read. Thus what kind of books I will be reviewing. As I said last time, I’m not the most varied of readers. So here we go.

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Introduction to Reader’s Madness

It has been awhile since Wolfie announced that I was joining the blog. Sorry for the wait. I haven’t wrote anything semi-serious for public eyes in a long time. I also tend to either get sick a lot or sleep too little/too much. So it took awhile to get myself to sit down and commit to writing a blog post. I lacked focus. Hopefully this gets easier.

But enough about my worries, welcome to my Reader’s Madness.

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