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Northgard, An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to work on a little bit of a game review for a somewhat recent addition to my library, I blame the youtuber Aavak and my weak will towards buying things, as well as pretty recent on Steam itself.

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Divinity Original Sin 2, An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I got way too distracted with my Mass Effect replay and Tales of Berseria being released that I forgot about the blog for a bit.

Anyway today I will… attempt to do another game review. I will forewarn I will be doing this one on the assumption one has played the first game primarily cause I am tired and want to be lazy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Astroneer, An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

The new year is… well I hope it is going good by this point I am currently still writing from the past.

Today I will be doing a game review over an Early Access game over on Steam called ‘Astroneer’.

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“Creativerse” An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

So like the horrible person I am I have not been writing on my novel like I am suppose to be doing right now.

Instead for the last couple of days I looked into an Early Access game called Creativerse and kind of fell hard into it like I usually do with some games.

So today I will be giving my review over the game as I have seen it thus far.


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Besiege and Early Access

OK so this is actually going to be a two part post. The first part I will talk about a new Early Access Steam game called Besiege. The second part will just be my general thoughts of Early Access, and other such things like it, including the good and bad as I see it from my view point. So chances are this will be a fairly long post today.

Now because I want to I want to ramble here. I don’t usually get many new games and even when I do I tend to take so long finishing it that by the time I would talk about it most people have already gone through the debate of whether to get it or not. So generally I won’t write in the sense of trying to convince someone if it is good or bad or not and whether they should get it or not, I will simply be writing about what I liked and disliked and whether I would recommend it to someone who likes similar titles. Much like I have already done with my other game reviews/posts.

I do sometimes browse around and find a game I have been looking for or waiting for the price to drop and grab those. So occasionally I may throw out a similar post like this but it will be over a bit older of a game, in the sense of something that has been out for quite awhile OR was a game on a different platform that was then ported to the PC (or another platform I have, such as a PS game going to Vita).

Also I am trying to think of other things I can post about since I have dropped my anime posts down to only twice a week for this season at least and I have been thinking of various ideas such as sort of ‘Let’s Play’ type of posts where I would write out my adventures in a game such as Minecraft or some Visual Novel, giving my thoughts on the game as I go, or something like that.

So if anyone actually reads this: I would like your thoughts on some things I could possibly post about on the blog, down in the comments (or some other way to contact me) and I will give it some thought.

Now with the rambling and question out of the way on with the actual post:


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