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‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization’ (PS4) Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another game review post. I wanted to honestly do a light novel post but I am still working on what I am currently reading so I wasn’t prepared for that at all.

Today I will be going over the PS4 game Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization which is a direct sequel to the game I finished a little over a year and a half ago Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.


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Divinity Original Sin 2, An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I got way too distracted with my Mass Effect replay and Tales of Berseria being released that I forgot about the blog for a bit.

Anyway today I will… attempt to do another game review. I will forewarn I will be doing this one on the assumption one has played the first game primarily cause I am tired and want to be lazy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Astroneer, An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

The new year is… well I hope it is going good by this point I am currently still writing from the past.

Today I will be doing a game review over an Early Access game over on Steam called ‘Astroneer’.

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Final Fantasy XV, Game Review+

The final post of the Co-Op blog post featuring AvidReader.


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Final Fantasy XV, Game Review+

Part Two of my Co-op blog post with AvidReader over FFXV.

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Final Fantasy XV, Game Review+

Hello Everyone,

So obviously I chose not to stop blogging yet but I am still deciding on what to do with the manga ramblings post. On one hand I don’t want to stop doing it but on the other it seems to be the one post I do that is regularly disliked.

While I deliberate on what I will be doing I will try to put out a couple of other things but that might be slower than even this post coming out will be because I just haven’t accomplished much lately…

Anyway on with the post!


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Dragon Quest Builders (PS4), Game Review

Hello Everyone!

It has been awhile now since I have done a good ol’ game review. So I decided I would do one over one of a good half dozen or maybe even up to a dozen new games I have gotten over the last couple of months.

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No Man’s Sky, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

For those who didn’t know. Yes, I did get No Man’s Sky and have joined the countless others in playing the game.

Now after… oh probably close to a day’s worth of game time playing it I thought I would try throwing out my review.

So I hope you enjoy!

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Atelier Sophie, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the late post this ended up taking longer than I expected to write up and various distractions and tasks impeded me from finishing it or even writing something in between.

So today I am going to do a game review, feels like it has been awhile since the last, over Atelier Sophie. Now I will admit. No, I am not finished with the game, but I am a good chunk into and I think I can do a good review over it.


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DOOM Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Today since it has been awhile I thought I would go and do a Game Review over one of my recently completed games.

It shall be over the recently released DOOM (2016) first person shooter.


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