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‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization’ (PS4) Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another game review post. I wanted to honestly do a light novel post but I am still working on what I am currently reading so I wasn’t prepared for that at all.

Today I will be going over the PS4 game Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization which is a direct sequel to the game I finished a little over a year and a half ago Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.


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No Man’s Sky, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

For those who didn’t know. Yes, I did get No Man’s Sky and have joined the countless others in playing the game.

Now after… oh probably close to a day’s worth of game time playing it I thought I would try throwing out my review.

So I hope you enjoy!

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Omega Quintet Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I probably could have had this out yesterday but I decided it’d be better to have posts on separate days rather than two on one day.

Today I will be delivering my promised Omega Quintet review. Which I still think are bad reviews but no one complains about them (of course I get very few comments at all) so I will continue them this way until someone slaps me with some knowledge.

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‘Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment’ (PS4) Game Review

Good News, Everyone!

I am in fact alive despite my lack of blogging. Main reasons being… well this game I am reviewing, Path of Exile, and the very few shows I am keeping up with not feeling all that different week to week to give me a good reason to blog about them.

Also there were some familial issues to deal with, getting my sister’s bus schedule for school all set up (which is honestly still messed up), and realizing all my time spent at home playing games and eating junk food has obviously affected my fat butt because I had to go buy a whole new damn wardrobe practically.

Anyway! I am gonna attempt to do my best reviewing this game I have spent a good 80 hours in now.

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