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‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization’ (PS4) Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another game review post. I wanted to honestly do a light novel post but I am still working on what I am currently reading so I wasn’t prepared for that at all.

Today I will be going over the PS4 game Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization which is a direct sequel to the game I finished a little over a year and a half ago Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.


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Full Throttle in Winter 2017

So anyone who keeps up with the blog (not sure if there are many of you) would know that Fall 2016 kinda failed hard for me. Including even the anticipation post I only have four posts so far and I am only predicting one more maybe next week or the week after. It isn’t too surprising really, I only predicted four or five to be interested in and only ended up with like six up to the end here.

But next season… wow it is looking packed and that is just of ones that catch my eye or are adaptations of something I enjoy. So let’s try and forget this completely lackluster season and look forward to some interesting things!

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‘Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment’ (PS4) Game Review

Good News, Everyone!

I am in fact alive despite my lack of blogging. Main reasons being… well this game I am reviewing, Path of Exile, and the very few shows I am keeping up with not feeling all that different week to week to give me a good reason to blog about them.

Also there were some familial issues to deal with, getting my sister’s bus schedule for school all set up (which is honestly still messed up), and realizing all my time spent at home playing games and eating junk food has obviously affected my fat butt because I had to go buy a whole new damn wardrobe practically.

Anyway! I am gonna attempt to do my best reviewing this game I have spent a good 80 hours in now.

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Devils, Heroes, and Video Games

OK so that title may be confusing. I’m sorry. Not really.

Anyway! Since my plans to visit family in Texas has backfired thanks to the tenuous relationship Mother Nature and the Midwest has I decided I should do something of a blog post today.

So today I will be doing a very light review of three Light Novels I own. I say a ‘light review’ because I have not finished any of the three yet, so really I probably shouldn’t be talking about them yet. But I still want to do a blog post about em. GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!


So let’s just consider this a post saying what I am currently reading and whether or not I suggest you should read them.

Up first!

The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer

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Another Few Days…

Why am I so predictable?! I have done nothing but play WoW and Dragon Age: Inquisition for the last 48 hours or so at least. I didn’t even take much breaks other than for food or the very few shows I actually watched… I am behind on pretty much everything else I need to do it is getting bad. I am so glad I don’t work or have school, because I would probably be fired/failing very badly right now if I did. But hey who can blame me? DA:I is a massive game with A LOT of content in it. I mean my game has 30 hours on it and I feel like I am nowhere near done still.

Anyway, normally Wednesday is an art post day, but I am far from prepared to do a full post of just artwork. So as you may have seen I called this post a rambling. Why? That is because I plan to have a bit of everything in this post. Some art, some DA: I talk, maybe some more WoW talk, anime talk of what I have actually watched, what I need to watch, and how long it will probably be until I actually watch…

Don't worry, I am fine, probably just going a little crazy at this point.

Don’t worry, I am fine, probably just going a little crazy at this point.

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Fall 2014 Anime Season Mid-Way Review

So at this point the season has hit it’s midway point with most shows being on their 5th to 7th episodes now (or 17th to 19th for the two cour shows). So instead of just choosing one show to give my thoughts on today I thought I would give my thoughts of everything I have watched so far and where they are standing for me in say terms of enjoyment. The order I will use is just using my watchlist going from Monday through Sunday.


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A Week of Thoughts

So with so much going on around me dealing with paperwork and such for school, plus all the other minor issues I have had, I fell behind by quite a bit over the last week and only ended up watching probably less than 10 of the 22 or so shows I was keeping up with. So this post is going to be just some quick couple of sentences worth thoughts of mine on series I have caught up with so far until I get everything caught up again and go back to reviewing by random episode picks. Also will give an idea of my thoughts and judgement so far on series I have yet to speak of since they started.

Hopefully this won't end up painfully boring...

Hopefully this won’t end up painfully boring…

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Fall 2014 Anime Season First Episode Impressions (Ein)

So through most of yesterday and today I was finishing up on the previous seasons shows and starting the new seasons shows. Now I knew from previous seasons that I did not want to overload myself with 40 to 50 shows by trying to watch everything under the sun. Besides the point that I only actually finished maybe 20 of those shows, I literally felt burnt out only a few weeks ago and was wondering if I wanted to continue following anime at that point.

So this season I decided to only go for shows where I was intrigued by the synopsis or was recommended to me by another. By my recently implemented Watchlist tab you can see that this has netted me roughly around 20-25 shows not including backlog shows. I usually do the three episode rule so within two to three weeks that list may dwindle slightly, but given the pretty solid start of all the shows I have seen thus far… I might actually stay around that 20 mark for the season.

Now I watch from my TV/Roku so screenshots which a lot of other people do may not always be around… unless there was something specific from a show I want to talk about and need that screenshot for reference.


So enjoy some fanart instead.

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