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So inevitably while being in the world of anime and not keeping to myself in a dark secluded corner… I have been asked at some point in time what I consider my favorite anime or what is your Top 10/20/etc list. Now until about… I think not even three months ago, I didn’t have one. Sure I had ideas of what I would put on one before, and I have seen quite a bit of anime I think, though obviously not as much as some I have seen quite a bit more than others who only watch a handful of shows a season, so you could say I have a significant list to pick and choose shows from. Now I will say this list is obviously of my opinion, I don’t think I should HAVE to say that… but someone will probably ask eventually “Why don’t you like X or Y?!” and simply the answer is: I liked what I am about to list more.

I enjoyed these shows. They are what I call my favorites. They are not necessarily the best shows out there (even though I think for me personally they are all what my mind considers a 9 or 10 out of 10) but I would probably recommend them to a fan of the genre they fall under.

1. Baka and Test [2010/2011]

I will be ready to completely admit that Baka and Test makes first in my list due to the large reason of it was the first anime I watched when I got into anime seriously. I watched it with my friend who was already a fairly big anime fan, and I had seen shows with her before but none really clicked with me or turned into a fan. But Baka and Test did everything right I suppose, the comedy just struck me at the time as a complete gold mine and I loved every interaction between the characters. The show shouldn’t be taken seriously what so ever and it really is just one of those kick back and enjoy while the ride goes on sort of shows. I will say it probably isn’t for everyone, but I always like the thought process of “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” so I would say you should try it, but if you don’t like it that is that, you didn’t like it, not like I will say you have bad taste for not liking what I like.

By the way. Minami is Best Girl of the Series.

By the way. Minami is Best Girl of the Series.

2. Barakamon [2014]

I seemed to have left a lot of people confused in the last season. Why? Because I fell in complete love with last seasons Barakamon anime. It’s a nice slice of life series where a calligrapher is sent to a rural island town after more or less punching one of the higher ups in his job field. Now why I left people confused is because while many admit that the show was good, no one seemed to understand why I could put it in my top anime list, much less it ending up 2nd on said list. The reason why is easily the characters and their interactions with one another. I spent a good part of my life in a rural town and the way the children in the series acted was probably how I acted back then. I still visit my old home town every year but now that I am a “city boy” I feel like the main character Handa around the children who are in my old town. So from the very beginning, even though it is a new show, I got that nostalgic feeling while watching it because it really felt like a part of my life being shown on the screen. Also I thought it felt so much more real when I learned after the first episode that Naru, Hina, and the other young children in the show were actually voiced by actual kids. Rather than being voiced by 20-30 year old Asians just showing off their voice acting skills.

Hina and Naru were both little goddesses.

Hina and Naru were both little goddesses.

3. Kimi ni Todoke [2009-2010/2011]

Much like Baka and Test being my very first anime (and at the same time comedy) coming into the anime world, Kimi ni Todoke ended up being my very first dose of shoujo experience. So while now I could probably critique the hell out of the show, pull out its flaws and strengths and compare it to shows that do them better…. I don’t. Simply because I still love the series. Yes it is frustratingly slow, hell even the manga which I have read I think three times now is insanely slow. But I still love the series. The only reason I can possibly fathom for an excuse is Sawako the heroine of the series. Besides being freaking adorable for me I enjoy how she actually grows as a character through the series. I have seen people say that her growth is completely fabricated and impossible in the real world, but I disagree because I have seen that growth happen before. My only hopes really for this series is a great end in the manga and hopefully a continuation of the anime.

Kimi ni Todoke

4. Flying Witch [2016]

It probably shouldn’t be any surprise that I put Flying Witch up here. I was praising the show every single week it aired and it firmly stayed as my number one of the season each week as well. It just did every thing perfect for me. A great cast of characters that all worked well with each other and made the show enjoyable, a lovely rural setting which, for some reason, I love seeing in shows, the laid backness of it all, and finally how they worked with the witches and magic in the show. I say that last point cause it seems so many shows with magic or witches go for over the top flashy with the magic spells while the witches are usually shown in less than revealing clothing. But for Flying Witch the magic was subtle, not flashy, and the witches were portrayed in a way that they could easily be seen as none other than a neighbor down the street. I know many probably won’t agree with my assessment of the show but… well no one would agree with any of my others above or below this show so see if I care.

flying witch

5. Steins; Gate [2011]

Steins; Gate one of those shows that remind me I am glad I am able to rein in that 13 year old in my brain because if I couldn’t I would probably always act out exactly like Okabe from the show. Now unlike most who probably saw this the year it came out, or the year after, or even the year after that, I actually did not watch it until this year after I ended up buying the Visual Novel and wanted to watch the show after I had such an amazing time in the story that was in it. Now personally I think the VN was slightly better. But really the anime was not at all bad, it was great. I had an amazing time in the scientific world these characters lived in and really? Who doesn’t love time travel? I know I do even if I am awful at science itself. Also one thing I gave a huge plus to both the visual novel and the anime was the difference in visuals it had compared to other shows around the same time it was out, I found them really unique and interesting to be honest, especially those eyes!



6. Raildex [2008-2009/2009-2010/2010-2011/2013]

Am I cheating in a sense by putting both of the Toaru series together under one banner? Probably. Do I really care? No. I put them together simply because if at least examined loosely they are fairly intertwined with many recurring characters in both series as well as even some stories crossing over into one another as well. Even though I rate this series fairly high, I honestly… can barely remember it without actually thinking. I know I loved the series, and I know I want more. But if you asked me a question based on the series itself… i’d probably have to rewatch it to recall it correctly. Speaking of rewatching it… that sounds like a good idea, I might get on that. Railgun I probably enjoyed more of, but that I feel like is because people seem to complain about it slightly less, with Index it seems to be hated more so I guess my enjoyment of it overall diminished due to that effect. I also think a great enjoyment for me with this series is honestly that 13 year old me repressed somewhere deep within my mind still saying how freaking awesome it would be to be an esper like Mikoto, Kuroko, and Accelerator.


7. Campione [2012]

Campione is harem done right. I make no attempt to hide I like harem shows, I am drawn to them no matter how bad they usually end up being. Campione was far from bad. It’s been awhile since I have seen it so I am not sure I can give great details on how it did it right, but however it did it I just remember it did it. I would recommend the hell out of this show to almost anyone, of course I would do the same to every show on this list. It also really helps that I love every single character, especially within the harem itself. That rarely if ever happens in a harem show for me. Usually I will dislike one or two, or favor one over the other, you know much like the protag does? But in Campione, just like the protag, I literally love all of the girls. Add in the knowledge transfer through kissing and Unlimited Blade Works style skills and everything just comes together to make a fascinating show for me. Sure yeah I heard that compared to the LN they took liberties and the LN is better, blah blah blah you hear that for every damn show anyway.


8. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san [2012/2013]

Leave it to anime to make some of Cthulu-mythos creatures cute and adorable. Despite all the flaws that Nyaruko-san throws at you in its two seasons… it is amazingly still a great show. I know it isn’t the best out there, hell it probably shouldn’t even be in my Top 10 much less a Top 20, but it is! I just love it that much. A big part of why I love it? Possibly Kana Asumi, the voice of Nyaruko. I don’t normally remember voice actors, but Kana Asumi is one of the few exceptions to this. She delivers such great work in her role as Nyaruko that I just couldn’t help but fall for the actor as well.


9. IdolM@ster [2011]

But Wolfe!!! Why don’t you like [insert some other idol group/anime here]?? Now now… it’s not that I don’t like the other idols out there… I just like IdolM@ster more. I remember a few months ago I believe there was a conversation actually about favorite idol groups/anime and my reply was each brings their own thing to the table that make them good or unique. For overall liking of them though, IdolM@ster won over the other for me. I like their songs, the characters were great, visuals were decent, and while not to a great amount like other shows out there, they did show some of the hardships and behind the scenes with idols, given usually in a lighter tone. That is really all there is too it for this one, I don’t see why or how I would glorify it any, it really does that on its own as it is. I will also say I completely loved those adorable OVA’s from this series Puchim@s and would love to see more of it, even though I think it just ended recently.

Hibiki and Miki for the win by the way.

Hibiki and Miki for the win by the way.

10. Seitokai Yakuindomo [2010/2011-2013/2014]

This show…. this show… This is one of those shows you usually don’t admit to liking. Especially around others? Especially if you know those others may have seen that show and/or know what it is about. You also usually don’t recommend it to anyone (totally watch it). It is completely hilarious to me, I will admit my humor range goes from complex jokes to simple knock knock jokes so perverted high school type humor is in there. Pretty much for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it is about the student council at a recently all girls going coed school. As such there are like… 10 guys to the like 300 girls. Anyway it isn’t a harem, and while there a tinges of romance trying to creep up in the show, they are beat back by the immense amount of perverseness that comes from most of the cast of girls in the series, because apparently girls are insanely perverted, especially when around other girls. I really don’t know why I loved this series so much, but I really did. I also have a intense desire to rewatch it (again) now that I am talking about it, so yay more shows for my backlog I guess…

How could we ever do that...

How could we ever do that…

11. Working!! [2010/2011]

Working!!  was one of the first Slice of Life animes I ran across. I really loved the shift it gave from my anime viewing (which at the time was mostly action or comedy shows) into the lives of workers at a restaurant. Of course given this wouldn’t be your typical place, because there was a total of only like… five waiter/waitresses (one who is played off only during the last episode of each season), two cooks, a manager who does next to nothing, the head of the restaurant whom is never around because he is searching for his wife, and then some girl who is found by said head and then lives in the attic of the restaurant. Anyway the series somehow clicked all the right buttons with me, partially because of its comedy, and partially because I was probably looking for a break from the action shows I was watching. The cast had great chemistry for me and each one was fairly unique I thought (at least at first since I watched it first early in my anime career).

Hard to choose though between Inami or Popura as best girl.

Hard to choose though between Inami or Popura as best girl.

12. Daily Lives of High School Boys (Nichibros) [2012]

I decided to add this one as I really did love it. Originally I thought I would throw it in with Nichijou down below but unlike Raildex there is no connection between the two series so I decided to put it separately and since I did think it was better it is above Nichijou. This show made me laugh so much while I watched it that I am honestly surprised I didn’t have it up here before. But now I have rectified this error and all can know that I truly enjoyed a great show.


13. Nichijou [2011]

So originally I did have something else here that deserved the spot completely… but due to the lack of a final episode ever showing up I decided to replace it with something that far deserves the spot more which is Nichijou. A highly amusing comedy series that in my honest opinion we deserve more of but will probably never get. This series is one I tend to readily recommend to friends who are used to the whole “starting kit of anime in the states” as I like to call it, which pretty much consists of shows like Naruto, Bleach, Sword Art Online, and Attack on Titan, but are finally looking to get out of that garbage and into decent shows.


14. Toradora [2008-2009]

This series probably would have rated higher, had the ending not annoyed me as much as it did. Everything else about the series was perfect, with how the characters interacted to one another, how Taiga and Ryuuji grew closer to one another by trying to help each other go after whom they originally loved at the beginning, to the stories and everything that ended the series where it did (before the actual ending). All of it was near damn perfect and if the series had ended just a little earlier… I probably would have rated this series in my Top 5. But with how it ended… I don’t know… it just left some sour taste in my mouth. The fact it is still in my top 20 of close to 800 unique anime seen (according to MAL at least) means it is still a great series despite its ending, it just kinda saddens me a little that because of its ending I had to drop it down below where it really belonged.


15. Chuunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai [2012/2014]

This series ends up just like Toradora above, if the ending was different, or I just talked about the first season… it would have been much higher than it currently stands. I loved Rikka, I enjoyed how she grew as a character fighting between reality of love and her chuuni self which didn’t allow love, I loved how despite the other cast members efforts to fight off their chuuni ambitions they ultimately failed, I was alright with the love rival being introduced, it really overall was an amazing series. But that ending… why does anime shy so much from the kiss? They are just about to kiss then the damned phone call comes in! It ruins everything! I do not enjoy being teased!!! My only hope is that with the release of the third LN we will get a third season, and somewhere in there I hope there is a freaking kiss between Rikka and Yuuta or more kissing between Dekomori and Nibutani because you know for sure I am shipping them as well! Hell anyone who has the series and OVA is crazy NOT to ship them together!


16. The Devil is a Part-Timer! [2013]

The Devil is a Part-Timer is one of those shows that from the outside looking in, most people probably wouldn’t be interested in it. Hell even explaining it can sometimes make people question the point of the series. But for me it is the perfect collaboration of story, comedy, characters, and action to make for an enjoyable show no matter how many times I rewatch it. While it ends essentially what would be the middle of the series, the way it ends pulls everything from what is shown nicely together to tie it in a nice knot so you are not really left wondering about any “Well what about X?” type of situations. Now of course you may wonder why I put it down here at 14 if I make it sound like it is so good, and that simply is because… well the others were better for me despite their flaws.


17. Gintama [2006-2010/2012-2013]

Gintama is one of the very few cases in anime where I had seen it BEFORE I got officially into anime back in 2012. It was only because I saw my friend watching it and while relaxing at her house I would catch an episode here or there. It is also one of those series that almost anyone who has been watching anime for more than a few months has either seen some of it, all of it, or at least has heard of the series before. Now after I got into anime officially this is one of the series I started watching, and due to its length, it is really no wonder it took me probably a good few months to fully watch, since I was watching other shows along with it. Now Gintama excels in what it does which is its comedy, it also has amazing action sequences every couple of arcs, hell pay close enough attention it can even teach you something! The glaring problem for it is… it can take awhile to get into. While it is not nearly as long as Naruto, or One Piece, or even Bleach I think, it still has a fair amount of episodes compared to your 12-24 episode seasons. I would recommend the series to anyone who likes comedy, and I have to say if you try it, it can take 30 to even upwards of 50 episodes before it starts digging itself in, but once it digs itself in, at least for me, it was there to stay.

You know you want to!

You know you want to!

18. Fullmetal Alchemist [2003-2004/2009-1010]

FMA is one of those cases like Gintama I had seen it before I got into anime (at least the original) but this was even further back before I even really knew what anime was, at least in the sense of how it was different than just any other cartoon. I found it to be a fairly enjoyable series back then, and it was probably one of the first shows I ever watched in its entirety (yes this includes other cartoons and even TV series). So when I got into anime and learned there was FMA:Brotherhood I at first thought it was a second season and dived right into it. When I got to it and saw a lot of what I originally saw with some changes, I was sort of upset, and didn’t honestly quite like it. Late last year though I got the FMA boxset for the manga, which had all 27 volumes, and after reading it I decided what the hell I will rewatch the series. I loved it then. Seeing how closely Brotherhood followed the manga was really interesting I thought and it ended up being my favorite of the two series. Also it doesn’t hurt that Brotherhood had in my opinion far superior visuals (which isn’t hard to get after 6+ years) and since that is one of my biggest factors for watching anime… yeah its not hard to see why it won in the end.


19. Soul Eater [2008-2009]

While visually this show didn’t always grab my attention (I was watching it during some very shiny shows in 2013) and seemed overly dark at times, it had some amazing fighting scenes. Overall the anime was damn decent though, enough to push its way into my top 20 at least. The ending was fairly weak, but that doesn’t stop shows from making their way into my top list obviously. While it was on the short side compared to other long running shounen fighting series out there, I am glad it was personally, because I can’t stand watching 400+ episodes of any one show… ever… Also for anyone curious, yes I saw Soul Eater NOT, I found it decent, but I think it needs another season before I can contemplate adding it here or not whether it be with Soul Eater or as its own entry (assuming it could beat out one of the others).


20. Angel Beats [2010]

I had heard so many things about Angel Beats before I actually watched it, I was curious honestly what could cause so much hate for a single show along with so much love. I ended up watching it and falling into the side that loved the show. I love the message that I felt the series was trying to tell it’s viewers through the story especially the coming to terms with oneself and unfairness that happens in the world. The visuals were stunning for me when I saw it, of course it was also one of the early ones I saw in my career, probably being in the first 25 shows I saw roughly. The story while a bit roughshod sometimes I think is still told beautifully, and as I said I love the messages it tries to deliver to the audience.


21. The World God Only Knows [2010/2011/2013]

Like a few series, this one is sort of carried more by its manga than it is by its anime. While the first two seasons were pretty good by themselves I thought, the third season ended up skipping so much and jumped around from what I remember that my enjoyment did lessen considerably… despite this though it still is able to work its way into my top 20 list and really it is no surprise it did with its decent visuals, great character interactions, and it sports a healthy cast of characters that just entertain me quite a bit. It also doesn’t have any shortage of shipping pairs for anyone into that (Chihiro definitely best girl by the way). I know some complain about the series being a pseudo harem since it has one male to a few dozen females, all of whom he gets to fall for him at one point or another even though his only experience with girls before them is through video games, but despite the complaints I still enjoyed it. Though I would honestly recommend the manga probably over the anime personally, but I won’t say to not watch the anime even with that.


22. Kokoro Connect [2012]

This series caught me by complete surprise. I had never heard of it (of course I rarely hear about any of the anime I watch beforehand) and the only reason I watched it was because I had nothing to watch and it showed up on Crunchyrolls little queue thing on their homepage. Now going by the one season alone that was on Crunchyroll, this show probably wouldn’t have even cut into a top 30 list, maybe, and only maybe, would it have hit into a top 40 if I made one. This is even despite the fact that I loved the visuals, I loved the story, I loved the drama that was happening between the characters, I loved the randomness with the curses that kept popping up for Heartseed, and really there were not too many flaws in the show itself other than a few things I hated about a couple of the characters themselves. It just wasn’t huge compared to other shows I had seen and while good I just couldn’t consider it top tier. That was when I heard that the series had a 4 episode OVA released a couple of months after the season ended that Crunchyroll wasn’t able to pick up for airing. So I went and hunted them down and while I really can’t remember everything that happened in the OVA ending, whatever it did, did it so right that it shot from a possibly making a top 40 list to my top 20 list here now. I can admit a possible part of my love for the ending was the pairing that happened, but I know it was more than just that, and honestly I think when I get some free time, I may rewatch this series for some fun.

Inaba was fucking boss, even when being adorable.

Inaba was fucking boss, even when being adorable.

23. Yuyushiki [2013]

Without a doubt Yuyushiki is my favorite CGDCT (Cute Girls Doing Cute Things) anime series. It is also sadly the one series I expect will never get a second season because apparently even though it is amazing it sold poorly in the end. Which really just makes no damn sense at all. But hey… I can’t control everyone in the world I guess. Seriously though this needs more seasons so I can just die inside as I watch it. I treat this show the way iblessall treats Kiniro Mosaic.


24. Non Non Biyori [2013/2015]

Tied for first, or in 2nd place, for my Cute Girls Doing Cute Things series would be Non Non Biyori. I love NNB due to just how insanely relaxing it is for me. I know some people consider shows that put you to sleep to be bad. But I think it matters what type of sleep it can put you in. NNB for me puts me in a relaxed and rested rest sometimes while watching it rather than the OMG Nothing is going on I am so bored type of sleep other shows can put me in. Not saying NNB always will put me to sleep of course but because it is relaxing to watch it has a tendency to do it to me occasionally


25. GJ-Bu [2013/2014]

GJ-bu was one of those sit back and relax while enjoying some laughs type of shows for me. Literally like nothing happens in the course of the show. But the character interactions and comedy was perfect for my entertainment. It also has the chance, even if slight, to get another season focusing on the little sisters since that is what the Light Novel is currently doing now since the seniors graduated from the original club group.


26. Sansha Sanyou [2016]

Another addition from the recent Spring 2016 category. This one is being thrown in because it was my favorite CGDCT of the season and I really really liked it. Given a lot of the love was purely for Futaba being completely awesome I still think it deserves a spot up here with my other favorite CGDCT series. If we see more I will honestly be surprised because it didn’t really follow the same formula as other CGDCT series do but even without that it will be here.

Sansha Sanyou.png

27. Spice & Wolf [2008/2009]

So as I have said before I often look at series as a whole. Manga, LNs, and Anime together to determine whether they belong on my list or not. Yes it often skews some things but not by much usually for me at least. Spice and Wolf as an anime was great but admittedly a bit slow. But the novels in my opinion are great and boost up that slow part. Given I have just started those novels really so I am being biased a bit I guess. ANYWAY the economic focus of the series is what ended up drawing me in and intriguing me since not many series out there would go out of their way to focus on something like that.

Also Holo is prime Waifu material.

Also Holo is prime Waifu material.

28. Kiniro Mosaic [2013/2015]

There is like literally no way I can not put Kinmoza up here after that nosebleed worthy second season that just finished up. I mean even before the second season it deserved to be up here really the second season just solidified its position. This CGDCT series while not my personal favorite is amazing in almost every way possible and where Yuyushiki I feel has more comedy moments I like Kinmoza has the more cute moments that just make you go full on HHHHNNNNNNNGGGGG while clutching your dying heart.


29. Oda Nobuna no Yabou [2012]

Like so many other series out there this is one of those series I absolutely love with a heated passion. It is also one of the many series that ended its season perfectly open for another season. But… we have yet to hear anything out of it as to whether they will continue the series or make fans of the series cry in a corner as we were teased for more amazing things. Oda Nobuna is a sort of classic out of anime. Take Oda Nobunaga and people around him during his time, change them into girls, then throw someone from the future into said alternate timeline and in the end we sometimes get some fun. I loved Oda Nobuna and its cast and would absolutely love to see more. But I won’t be holding my breath for it either.


30. YuruYuri [2011/2012]

With a third season on the way Yuru Yuri actually is possibly my least favorite CGDCT series (yes even including the ones that DIDN’T end up on the list) and that is mostly because while I love it personally… I can’t excuse the fact it is getting more seasons and Yuyushiki isn’t! I know great reason right? But other than that I also prefer the character interactions in the other CGDCT shows. So how did YuruYuri get this high? Well that is because… it is actually my first CGDCT show. So I guess nostalgia?


31. Ben-to [2011]

What do you get when you combine shounen fighting with teenagers with the hunger of going through puberty? If you answered Naruto…. no… just no. You get Ben-to. Which is literally shounen fights over half priced pre packaged lunch boxes. Besides the awesome fights you have a cast of some pretty awesome characters, that while maybe not exactly always having the best interactions are good enough to make me overlook that small factor.

bento32. Ouran High School Host Club [2006]

Ouran is a very interesting case for me. First time I watched it I was actually forced to watch it with a friend. As such when I am usually forced to do anything I ended up not liking it. But when I first got my FUNimation sub and while browsing their catalog of anime I ran across the show again. Now of course at first I ignored it realizing it was the show I was forced to watch. But sometime later I came back to it out of curiosity and lack of things to watch. To which I then fell in love with what I probably should have loved from the very beginning. Even though the series itself was not something I tended to gravitate towards at the time I do believe it is the reason I came to fall in love with more Shoujo, Slice of Life, and CGDCT series than I do with action type shows.


33. Gosick [2011]

Gosick was my first time into a detective like series… hell it actually may still be my only one… add onto that the 1920’s time it was in may as well have been a first as well. While there were some events I can recall me not particularly liking that they used in the show overall I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the interactions between the cast, especially the main two, and while I do not know how popular the series was overall I do know that there have been 11 volumes made since the anime aired so it could someday maybe have further adaptations.


34. Shirobako [2014-2015]

Y’know I am actually kind of surprised at myself for adding this one onto the list. But in the end and after a rewatch of the series I decided to throw it up here after confirming to myself the reality it throws at you. I know some argued how realistic it truly was but honestly unless you actually work in that business you have no idea and I highly doubt nobodies on forums or social media know what goes on behind the scenes. Add onto that Aoi who probably became one of my favorite female characters in anime really shows the stress of work while on screen and that many people are used to. So I think it deserves this spot honestly.


35. Squid Girl [2010/2011]

Yeah I like Squid Girl. Yes out of 900 odd anime seen I believe it deserves to be up this high. Got a problem with that?! Didn’t think so. But seriously yes I loved Squid Girl and I honestly believe it is the series I have rewatched the most being easily in the double digits of rewatching. The comedy is gold and the character interactions are great. The animation is decent and hell there is even a semblance of a story behind all the wackiness of the show. I will admit I stayed away from this show at first because with a name like Squid Girl… well I saw enough hentai by that time to think I knew where it was going… but was I sorely mistaken. Seriously if you have never watched Squid Girl. Go watch it. Now. Stop reading and go watch it.


36. Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sō [2014]

First. While I enjoy Kawaisou for what it is… GOD DO I HATE WAITING FOR MANGA UPDATES!!!

Anyway… putting that aside I really did enjoy Kawaisou. Ignoring the fact that I even think Usa is a bit of a stalker (OK so completely a stalker) I enjoy his relationships with the other tenants of the complex, especially Ritsu, add onto that amazing animation quality and artstyle I just couldn’t help but enjoy it in the end.


37. Dog Days [2011/2012/2015]

I generally like shows for certain reasons such as animation, story, character interaction, and things like that. Now while Dog Days has that my upmost reason for enjoying it is actually because of its mindless fun. It’s set in a world where you don’t really die and war is done in a form as a tournament. Big Dark events? Forgotten after an episode or two to go back to the mindless fun. Overall it is a great and sports some of my favorite female characters from anime.


38. No Game No Life [2014]

I do believe it is almost every gamer’s dream to be able to go to a game like world. Given that is probably usually on par with SAO level game like world rather than a world like NGNL had where you play games in the world. But getting ahead of myself here. Really I did enjoy NGNL. Besides giving my Steph (and through Steph, Sacae) it gave me other great characters, good comedy and character interactions, great animation, and an interesting story. I heard though they changed up the ending to either anime original or jumping ahead some novels… can’t remember which. So not sure how that effects getting a possible second season.


39. Magi [2012-2013/2013-2014]

For me Magi was a peculiar series. While watching it I recall people crying out about changes from the source material. But at that time I had yet to really get into manga yet and hadn’t been looking at/for Magi. So I enjoyed what I was given at that time. After having gotten some of the Magi manga I understand where people were coming from with the changes but… it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be given the outcry. Though the animation is sometimes silly and not all that great I do love the characters and their interactions plus it has a decent story I think.


40. Seitokai no Ichizon [2009/2012]

I never realized before just how much material one show can actually have… given there is like 6 different manga, 3 light novels, and 2 seasons of anime for just this one show… Anyway! This is really one of my favorite not-harems. I say not-harem because while the MC, Ken, jokes about having a harem and the cast of girls seem to in one form or another like him nothing really accumulates from it other than some bashful blushes and tsundering. But it is pretty hilarious and the characters are great nonetheless which if you haven’t realized by now means it has a good chance of being my favorite.


41. Log Horizon [2013-2014/2014-2015]

Log Horizon is one of those hard ones to kind of admit liking. Mainly because SAO fanboys usually tear you a new one when you do so. But screw SAO fanboys. I like Log Horizon. Even with a lackluster second season it is still more enjoyable than Kirito and his harem. Also I absolutely enjoy Akatsuki you haters. You know who you are. I love how the series kind of gets down into the know how stuff behind the game and mechanics. While yes wordy and lengthy I enjoy that type of thing on occasion. Also yes I agree on a few things haters of the series express. Such as how they kind of don’t bother trying to find out why they are in the game and how the kid group is absolutely boring…


42. Say “I Love You” [2012]

This is a very weird one for me to put up on the list I feel. Not because it is bad or anything… but… because like a couple of other entries it is carried by it’s manga format for me more than its anime. But… reason why this one feels weird and the others did not… is this one is almost entirely held up by its manga. Visually the anime is great and until the end at least it holds up to the manga fairly faithfully actually. Also it isn’t like the ending was bad. I just prefer how the manga tells things over the manga (though I swear to god Kodansha needs to learn not to have text fall INTO the seam) and overall I just found the manga better. That said though I do believe completely that the anime is great on its own accord and deserves this spot.


43. Slayers [1995/1996/1997/2008/2009]

Whaaaaaa? I have something on my list from BEFORE 2000’s (well at least for the most part)?! Yes! I actually do! The only series I can say that makes my to 40 that is from before 2000’s is Slayers. It has honestly been awhile since I have watched it I won’t lie about that. But I remember watching Slayers and loving the characters and story. Someday I want to sit down and rewatch it but I have a big list already also I don’t want it to fall into the pit of me disliking it because I can’t stand the art style now. But hey who knows anything can happen I suppose.


44. Hyouka [2012]

Another show that I am honestly surprised I never originally put onto this list. I mean it was an amazing show with top tier aesthetics and animation in my eyes and it probably deserves to actually be higher than this (but really 44 out of over 1k shows is still damn good). I loved the story of Hyouka, for what it was, but what really knocked it out of the park was the characters and animation quality. They were just so damn good.


45. Ah! My Goddess! [1998-1999/2005/2006]

Along with various OVA like episodes through those years and more My Goddess is a fairly big series with something close to 100 episodes I believe in total. Sure not as big as those powerhouses like Naruto or One Piece but the difference here is… My Goddess is actually really good compared to those. Now what most people see as Oh (or Ah) My Goddess is the 2005 and 2006 versions which closely followed the manga and was really well known. It has honestly been a long time since I watched it but I remember it being really good and, like many others who watched it, I had a crush on Belldandy. Someday I may rewatch it, especially since I don’t think I have actually watched the 98-99 version of the show nor any of the OVA’s, but time is always a factor when looking at so many episodes.


46. Yu Yu Hakusho [1992-1994]

I know I know another show from before not just 2010 but before 2000 making it on my list is kind of insane for anyone who knows me. But I just can’t deny how good Yu Yu was back when I first watched it back when I was a kid. I loved it. Now I am sure if I rewatched it now I would probably pick it apart like a feral animal and bash it to no end because that is just how I am. Thankfully I have no plans to rewatch it and nostalgia brings it up here into my top 50.


47. Problem Children From Another World [2013]

I apologize for the shortened name but I didn’t want two lines for a title of a show and this one has a heck of a long one both in English and Japanese. Problem Children though is an interesting one to make it onto my list I feel. I can’t deny it was good because it really was but it was also short. Only 10 episodes long and leaving plenty left to desire from it. Usually I wouldn’t add something like that to my top anime list but thinking it over I just liked it that much in those 10 episodes to include it here at the bottom of the list, which is still saying something as I have mentioned before these are all chosen out of over 1000 shows.


48. Servant x Service [2013]

A great show that for me, and many others due to the studio and team that did it, was like watching Working!! but with an older set of main characters. Not to mention it being set in the same universe given the time Yachiyo and Satou showed up at the office, of course that could have just been something the studio/team decided to put in there cause it isn’t unusual for studios/teams to put nods towards their other works in shows sometimes.


49. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge [2016]

“But Wolfe, why is Tanaka-kun so low compared to Flying Witch and Sansha Sanyou though it was arguably just as good and aired the same season?” Because I can put it where I want! But no really I just liked Flying Witch and Sansha Sanyou that much more. Tanaka-kun was great, amazing even, but there were things I was hoping from it that it didn’t quite deliver either. Stuff like more screentime for the side characters for instance. It still makes my Top 50 though so that is saying something great about it in my eyes but it could have used a bit more “oomph” to push it up in the ranks.


50. Fate stay/Universe [2004 through 2016]

OK so the last entry into my Top 50 here is a bit of a unique one and completely cheating probably. I like to assume most anime watchers have heard of or have watched one of the many Fate related shows. Some know some of them are bad, others are great, and a few are absolutely stunning. There are ones directly related to the eroge Visual Novels and others are spinoff series from either the VN or the anime as well as also having various manga and even a mobile game. So the Fate universe at this point is fairly huge with 12 years of content behind it and more to come. I put it up here because looking at it as a collective whole makes me realize overall it is great. Yes yes sure DEEN more or less fucked up the original Fate Stay Night anime. Most people don’t even believe in the Tsukihime anime (Insert joke of “There is no Tsukihime anime” here). Then depending on your taste of yuri-centric magical girl Illya spinoff (it is great by the way) that can be a hit or miss. But mostly everything else has been well accepted by both fans and myself. I personally though see it as one giant thing rather than separate shows thus the cheating part of having it here really.



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